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dumaguete food trip

i love love food!
where to eat in Dumaguete

'Twas a sweet 2-hour ride from the province of Siquijor to Dumaguete and by the time we reached the port, I was all in a rush to get to our hotel, park our things and satisfy our bellies with Dumaguete food sacredly listed in a sheet of yellow paper, carefully folded and tucked in my camera bag. I am a little control freak such that I had everything planned by the minute. Haha! :)


Art+Food = Magic!!!!! I believe there are proper blog sites which can dissect the food quality blah-blah and what I will be posting here are mostly pictures (I am lazy that way - haha!) and my personal experience of being in the restaurant and trying out what I felt like eating at that time. I love how la boheme Jutz Cafe is and how it promotes art - I am loving the vibe!!

What we sampled:  

Jutz Cafe Favorite Pizza. your good old traditional pizza which at that time was heaven for me because I was incredibly hungry!! My first bite of it was my salvation!!!

Shrimp and Mushroom Pomodoro Basilico. So satisying. :)

SANS RIVAL CAKES & PASTRIES (just two blocks away from Jutz Cafe) 

Dessert heaven. Sans Rival when translated in English means, "without rival", in Filipino, "walang katapat". And truly, my favorite cake in the world is sans rival - wherever and however it is made. Sans Rival Cakes and pastries is packed with both locals and tourists at the time of our visit, understandably so. We went back the next day and had the same order: SILVANAS and SANS RIVAL CAKE. I still dream about these two until today.

and seriously, right across Sans Rival is ZAN ZIBAR... hahaha!

Rizal Boulevard gets transformed into a dining destination every afternoon courtesy of a group of vendors who thrive in the concept of tempurahan. I thought I will be getting my taste of tempura and Japanese cuisine but what tempurahan offers are squid balls, fish balls, kikiam, balot and penoy - our typical street food upped one notch as they are serve by the bay with the view of the ocean while serenaded by street musicians (who will not leave your table until you pay them - haha!). Again, I am loving the vibe!!

While I stay loyal to FIC's Pistachio ice cream, Panda's fried ice cream is worth a try. :)

I am definitely going back to Dumaguete for this!! I am loving the Dumaguete plate (that's gata, coconut strips, sea food and lechon kawali all in one plate - yummm!!!) and the chili crabs (yummmm again!!!!!!!!!).

I love love breakfast and I love love it that Dumaguete offers a unique breakfast experience!!! Check out Before Nine for an account of our morning in Painitan!


Right before our 3 PM flight back to Manila, we headed to KRI along Siliman Avenue for a fine dining lunch experience in Dumaguete. It has lovely interiors and superb customer service. And the food - they taste as beautifully as they look. The restaurant is categorized under fine dining but is surprisingly affordable. :) Definitely a must-try!

Sorry for the KRI picture overload but I honestly can't get enough of the place - so beautiful!! 

What we sampled: Rice Paper Vegetable Roll for appetizer| Cream of Roasted Tomato because I am a soup person!| Main Course: KRI Pork Ribs * Tuna wrapped with Nori * Samurai Salmon with Tempura

We spent less than 24 hours in Dumaguete, got to try all these wonderful dishes - it was an incredible whirlwind love affair with our bellies!!

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