Saturday, May 25, 2013

oh bunny!

i love love Bunny!
who wore the hat better? haha! 

L-R: Fluffy Bunny & Me

The red hat was for my cousin's wedding entourage. Bunny and I tried it after. Haha! If only I knew dog-speak, I will invite the not-so-puppy fluffy Bunny in our round (kitchen) table in Cagayan Valley for an afternoon tea and a heart-to-heart talk. I have so much to thank him for: for allowing my sisters to baby him even if he's an adult already; for being an effective child/baby-substitute at home which has drastically changed the disposition of our dear nanay from worry-wart to happy mommy; for teaching my sisters to be responsible adoptive/pseudo mommies; for just being him, sweet and adorable and impossible to dislike; for accepting the name Bunny, even if he's a doggie. Haha!

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