Friday, April 26, 2013

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i love love Siquijor!
a photo essay

The grand summer plan was to spend the whole of Friday, Saturday and the morning of Sunday on the first weekend of April in the enchanting island of Siquijor. But we were just so beach hungry, we ended up extending our stay until Monday! Here is Siquijor in the eyes of a giddy tourist. It is such a small island, you can practically complete the must-see tourist attractions in one day. The rest of the days, we lulled ourselves to sleep in a hammock by the beach! Oh summer love!

The Pier

Clear water and white sand make a perfect welcome. They make me want to jump right in and swim right there and then. :)  If you did not make any pick-up arrangement with your resort, Plan B is to take a tricycle ride and you do not have to worry about over charging because drivers observe a standard tourist-friendly rate.

Balete Tree
man vs giant

 St. Isidore Labrador Church and the Lazi Convention

Siquijor has deep Catholic roots and is rich in old churches such as St. Isidore's. By the way, the church is made up of "batong dagat" - you can literally see sea shells, corals and all those beautiful things in the ocean on the walls.

Cabugahay Waterfalls

Children swinging in tree branches. And jumping into the clear water. Sun burnt skin. Lots of laughter. This is my kind of summer.

Salagdoong Beach

Breathtakingly beautiful. And yes, this is a public beach. Siquijor residents are so lucky they have unlimited access to this beauty. The cliff dive is a plus, I did not get to try though, I chickened out. *sigh of a non-swimmer*

Cang-Isok Old House

Considered to be the oldest house in Siquijor, the house sits on long and slender stilts. Boats are parked beneath it - obviously, the previous owner is into fishing for a living. We came across a really huge fish net being woven by an old man. We were told that they hold an annual fishing competition and whoever gets the most catch gets to win Php10,000 - that's hefty for this simple and laidback province.

Guiwanon Spring Park
Blessed be the mangroves for taking good care of Nemo and his fish-y friends. :)

except for photos #3, 8, 11 and 12 (which I took courtesy 
of my trusty G10), photos are by Alan David.

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