Monday, May 13, 2013

cocina juan

i love love cocina juan!
maginhawa street

"This is really worth the long trip. Thank you.", said the English speaking 30-something diner at the other table. "No, THANK YOU sir. Where are you from?", replied the manager/owner. "Makati", the diner retorted. I was beaming inside, "yay, he likes the place, I like it, no, love it too!". This is not a foodie post (because I suck at descriptions) but if you are like my sisters and cousins who frequently read my blog (haha!), you would know how I love, love, truly love Cocina Juan in Maginahawa Street, UP Teacher's Village Quezon City.

It's my go-to restaurant actually. My sisters are coming over for a visit, where to treat them? Cocina! My tito is asking for recommendations where to eat lunch? Cocina! My high school best friend wants to drop by, where to bring her? Cocina! I am all alone, where do I go? Cocina! Haha! Nope, I was not paid to write this one. I truly love love places like Cocina, very cozy and artsy. I like that their walls have different sets of colors. And their doors are painted in playful green. And that walls are adorned with painting. And the seat covers crocheted or woven. And the tables tiled. And the lights glistens as they hit the bottles in different colors. I can go on and on and on. Plus, it does not hurt that it is near our apartment! *wink* I have not started talking about the food yet!!

The food is Mex/Tex and the place is lauded for its chimichurri sauce. But what I absolutely cannot forget is the Cream Dory baked in cheese meal which melted in my mouth several years back and this is what I have been ordering since. No fish meal was available tonight though so we had the chicken and the pork. Yum! Highly recommended is their Dinamita and Pita Pizza -  I can never get enough of them.

I pray for more places as charming and enriching as Cocina Juan - or better yet, build/start one someday!!

Hooray for our dreams!!

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