Monday, May 13, 2013

what color is your weekend?

i love love patterns!

Gray with a touch of yellow. Summer is about to end. The rainy days are coming. For several weeks now, I have been waking up in the middle of the night all sweaty and uncomfortable with the heat. But at the onset of May, the gray clouds and the rain have since been hovering above us, we'll say goodbye to summer in a few days. This picture was taken last Saturday Morning while waiting for a breakfast restaurant to open and I spent the time taking pictures and enjoying the shade provided by a really huge acacia tree. The change in season (although it is not really that drastic here in the Philippines given that we only have two) chases the sentimental and the over-analyzer. I welcomed the year in impatience and frustration as I feel (and know) that I am lagging behind my personal timelines. Yes, how can I forget? They haunt me at night and render me sleepless at times. And then while I have not risen above the start of the year drama, here we are again, chasing our deadlines and saying goodbye to summer and nearing the half-year mark.

Playful mix of seafoam green + orange/brown. This is a picture of a milkshake bar counter where my brother Paul treated Mika and me to drown the lingering and strong aftertaste of a Persian dinner. Being with college kids keep me sane. I both admire and envy their disposition - all sunshiny, all hopeful, all promising, all optimistic and all happy. If only possible, I will rewind and relive my college days and spend them being a magnet of opportunities and inspiration to others. Adulthood just zaps out the magic - responsibility and routine are the party poopers. But I always remind myself that I am the captain of my ship -  I am already at that age where I am capable of steering myself towards grabbing that dream, that elusive feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment that I am actually doing the thing I was born to do. 

"Dear God, I will get up and go every morning. I will be in constant motion. I will steer my ship to where my heart beats. But I need You. I need You to orchestrate my life because it is only through You that harmony is possible. Shape me and lead me that I may be the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Amen."

Opulent in green, red and gold. This bracelet I bought from Dapitan arcade. It's costume jewelry and costs less than five hundred pesos but they make me feel like an Indian princess capable of bajillion dowry. Come on Prince Harry, come and get me - haha! Last night, my brother asked me what my luxury in life is. I wanted to answer none because at this time I really cannot afford any (or I have my resources pegged for something else other than a fleeting luxury - that's the spirit!:)) but one has to give an answer, so I said travel. But what does he mean by luxury anyway? He told me it's about wanting something, getting something you do not really need. For him, luxury is about notebooks purchased even he still has a lot he has not written on. Notebooks. And then pens. I need to travel to calm my thoughts and panicky heart so it is actually a need. What is my luxury? I do not really know. But there is one thing I really want to happen - to be able to travel with my family. Do I need it? We can manage without it. But I want it to happen. This is one thing we never get to do - we're so huge in terms of logistics and expense that it will cost us an arm and a leg to get us all on a plane ride. But I know this is possible. Because tomorrow, I will be rich. :)

Happy thoughts!

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