Sunday, May 12, 2013

dapitan arcade

i love love home interiors!
mother's day at dapitan
a photo essay

I spent Mother's Day in a place any kind of mother will definitely go crazy about as any teenaged young lady will do when left alone in Forever 21. After greeting my nanay and aunts and all the mothers who have been and still are part of my life and after an early morning breakfast date (which I have yet to write about for Before Nine), Alan and I met with Miss Eden, a former colleague and close friend, for a Sunday shopping date at Dapitan Arcade. I have been harboring a not-so-secret desire for a place of my own and the visit to the arcade made me both inspired and impatient to make this happen. ASAP. I was hopping, zipping, pausing, swooning stall after stall - I felt like kid with a free pass to Disneyland. For a month!

While I am gearing more towards clean, chic and mabango looking house, Dapitan arcade has slanted me towards the dark, rich and eclectic home vibe - I am loving the colors, the quirkiness, the richness and over the top designs of bric-a-brac.

I was told the arcade is more festive and more people-ridden during the Christmas season. Our visit happened on the month of May, perfect for a first timer whose money is enough for one whatever-arcade-piece to bring home to - just because. But given my improving haggling skills (or more like the vendor's frustration to get his inventory off the shelves), my Php500 limit bought me a blue Buddha figurine to add to my mother's collection and colorful jingly bangles which, according to the seller, was imported all the way from India.


  1. hello, may idea po kayo how much ang balls sa dapitan? Nakita ko kasi sa mall to, 100+ isa.

  2. hi! they cost less than one hundred pesos (i am sorry i do not know the exact price though). plus you can always haggle. :)

  3. hi, are those paper flowers? would you know how much they cost per piecce/bouquet? Thank you!