Tuesday, May 14, 2013

dapitan again

i love love pictures!
dapitan part 2.0
photo essay

"Did you check the email I sent you?", Alan asked. "What e-mail?", I replied, not really focusing on the conversation but trying to master the art of crossing the street without getting my pretty yellow shoes wet (it was drizzling that night) while nibbling on a Raffles chip. "Dapitan pictures", he answered. "But I blogged about it already!!!!", I exclaimed in panic and OC-ness. I resolved to just looking at the files he sent me without necessarily posting them BUT these pictures are so pretty they deserve to be published in the most famous blog in the milky way galaxy! Oh yes, haha!

So, here's Dapitan, again. :)

Let the colors jump right at you. :)

photos by Alan David

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