Friday, December 7, 2012


I can't wait to share my Sipaway Island (magical) and Bacolod Food Trip (gastronomical) stories (and there are lots and lots of them) but until I get my hands on the pictures which will make the stories a lot more interesting, let me share one of the things I have learned from the trip: one will fall even more deeply in love with a place, if he's seen and been in it on the Holiday season. The Christmas-ness amplifies the magic by 100% and tugs the heart more intensely. I bring this amplified magic with me until now, five days after the trip.

One socialite featured in the Town and Country Magazine (sorry, I forgot who) said something like this: whenever things do not go my way, I close my eyes - and think of Christmas. I can not agree more. The Christmas season's effect is like a mother's warm embrace, a masseuse therapeutic touch, a loved one's gentle kiss on the forehead, a friend's corny joke which invites a belly-jiggling laughter. Whenever I see a Christmas Tree anywhere and everywhere in Bacolod, I squeal and shout, 'take my picture, oh please, take my picture!!'. Good thing, the travel companion willingly obliges.

And there are more pictures - coming soon!=)

    Clockwise: 1) By the Christmas Tree in Circle Inn;  2) Mistletoe by the red wall in Kuppa Coffee Shop, Bacolod-Silay Airport; 3) By the Christmas Tree in Balay Negrense in Silay; 4) Rocking Horse Christmas tree trinket in Calea

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