Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pancake Afternoon

Thanks to the instructions found at the back of the packaging of Magnolia Pancake Plus, idiot-proof and oh-so simple, my cousins, sisters, all gazillion years younger than me, and me (all domestically-challenged  regardless of age, haha!) managed to satisfy our holiday-spoiled brat bellies who can't get enough of food one afternoon (or the afternoon after we just had our breakfast at the farm). 

We cooked pancakes! I know, I know, it is not really big deal, because hello, cooking pancakes is no-brainer but coming from somebody who does not even know how to light up the stove (haha, talagang light up, yes, yes, we are not YET using electric stove - we are very backwards still, lighter, fire, LPG and all) this is a big deal, THE big deal. I can cook!! Yes!! Puwede nakong mag-asawa - in the next TEN years, wohooo!! 

And because every milestone needs to get documented - here are the pics of my lovely cousins and sisters - and please just because you do not see me in the picture it does not mean that I did not have any participation. Just for the record, I initiated the cooking , I mixed the ingredients, I opened the stove (with the assistance of Ate Lucy :p), I placed the butter on the pan, poured the mix - basically everything!! My young assistants did a teensy bit of the chore but I - take note, I was the chief chef. Haha! Nope, seriously now, these young ladies did 60% of the job and cooking pancakes, I realized, is a good bonding activity. :)

by the stove (bottom picture L-R: tanya; jessie; patis; ikay; niña)

happy cooks

our pancakes - messy but yummy!!

Pancakes now (ready mix nga lang :p) - restaurant soon, nyahaha!!!
Baby steps. :)

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