Monday, December 17, 2012

Pillow Places

Is it too late to re-create my Christmas wishlist from books (I've been asking for Pico Iyer, Anne Lamott and John Green) to pillow cases as dreamy and wanderlust-y as these?

There are some days when I thought I have finally resolved that I can manage to go on for a year without stepping foot on the beach, or the mountains or anywhere I can substitute for a home even just for a few days to allow for a little space in my savings accounts for the fullfillment of more tangible accomplishments such as my own place or Molly (my car) or a business endeavour or a postgraduate degree or just about anything that requires moolah BUT the mere thought of this kills me!!

The universe needs to be explored and experienced and my personal way of doing such is communing with the seas and the mountains and meeting strangers and making them my friends or just plainly meeting strangers (I am okay with that) and breathing a different air other than that of the city's. Sabi nga ng Nido - Expose! Explore! Experience! (Amen! Amen! Amen!)

I am already listing down my 2013 travel wishlist and while doing so (and saving up for it) - the most I can do now is dream about them.

Lovely pillows from Salt Lab.

Vintage Brazil
Dreaming of the 2016 Olympics - Oh Rio!
Vintage Paris
Dreaming of the Eiffel, Museums and the Romantic  French Culture
Vintage Summer Stars
Dreaming of Conquering the Universe

Vintage Philippine Map
Dream Places: Palawan, Siquijor, Casa San Miguel in Zambales


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