Friday, December 28, 2012

Breakfast by Candlelight

Breakfast - my favorite meal of the day most especially on mornings when I wake up and realize - "oh, I do not have to go to office today!" and it is even gazillion times MORE special, when I spend it with my family. 

My most recent posts are usually about my family and Cagayan Valley blah-blah because:

a) I am on vacation leave since last Friday until January 1 - happy! happy!

b) I am in Cagayan Valley - obviously

c) I try to write down the wonderful moments I share with my family because I get to see and be with them only every Christmas - and I am the happiest when I am with them. :)

d) There's wi-fi at home. Haha! Back when I used to live here full time (that's 10 years ago, pre-UP Diliman days), we did not even have mobile network signal - no texting and calling my high school hot boys!! Buti nalang! haha!

Back to breakfast.

We woke up with no electricity this morning. No, this has nothing to do with our barrio's backwardness - CAGELCO (Meralco's alternate in Cagayan) personnel are doing something about bamboo trees which got caught up in electricity wirings so they have to turn off the electricity being transmitted to our sleepy barrio's households.

We had breakfast by candlelight. :)
What a great way to start the day (minus the hassle of brown/blackout - haha!)

good morning jess, tanya, patis, nanay and theo!
kuya CJ joins in the fun
ze breakfast: rice (regular ;p and sinangag, siarsadong egg, danggit
ze breakfast - plated
theo in tears and in payless. :p

Story behind the tear-some Theo:

It's already the 28th and nearing the end of the lovely holiday break. Most of the kids will be going back to school by the 7th of January, the office people, by January 2. Among the kids, however, Theo will have to go back to pre-school the earliest, January 3. I pointed this out to him complete with laughter and he shed tears. I feel you, love. Even I do not want for these holiday moments to end.

Good Morning Universe!

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