Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two Days After Christmas

My cousin Ikay and I were doing simple math this morning. Ten years from now, she'll be twenty-three years old (she cringed). Ten years from now, I'll be,  LIKE (yes, like), thirty-six years old (aarrrggghhh, this is not happening!! - I cringed and ran and shouted like a mad man). Can't I be LIKE (yes, dapat parating may like) - Forever 21?

And then I think about my parents, my tito's  and tita's, my grandparents - they will be much older then and the added years may have taken by then a toll on their physical strength - such a scary thought (at this time, I utter a silent prayer for the Lord to bless our family and all the people I love with good health and a life well-lived and well-shared). It has been two days after Christmas and the rain is magnifying all the heavy doses of nostalgia - and I must stop because, hello, why worry about that thirty-six-year-old-ness in the next ten years when the present is beautiful, so beautiful, just the way it is.


Just how beautiful is today? 

Tanya (my 8-year old niece) and Jess (my 7-year old sister) and I woke up at around 5:30 this morning. We were to eat breakfast at Tito Boy's farm and our task was to be the family's alarm clock - we were so great at our job, we woke up four households (my mother's side of the family live near one another) , and hauled our sleepy sexy asses to our happy place in Cagayan Valley. 

Yes, I feel like the twelve-year old me all over again every Christmas season when I go home to be with family. My family is my Peter Pan. :)

Breakfast at the Farm Pictures!

good morning world!

lovely gumamela we passed by going to the farm
early morning stroll - the farm is right beside a public high school
tilapia hatchery
these kids woke up really early
bahay kubo

farmville tools

kuya george's green thumb keeps the nurseries in tip-top shape. he has been with the family for over thirty years.

my brother cj and me


good morning

eat and exercise
with the biker
farm fantasy
baby zach (my cousin haggy's little boy) joined in the fun! cuteness overload.

Good Morning Universe!:)

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