Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mommy Goes Morrocan

The first time I have entered an interior designed house or a house that went through the process of meticulous planning, a million versions of designing and execution, I kept on embarrassing myself with endless gushing. "Oh My God, ang ganda!" "Wow!" "You're so lucky you live here!" I thought I was in Disneyland but I wasn't - I had gone to a classmate's home in La Vista in 2003 to accomplish our group assignment and I was 50% helping out and 50% scanning every nook and cranny of their home. I was a college freshman then.

You see, for most of my college life up to now, I have lived in a dorm or in a "college house" where everything was purchased to fill out spaces for functionality. And for the many houses that I have been to, there were no dominant themes or carefully laid out spaces. Our house in Cagayan Valley, which I personally think is beautiful with its pink tiles and unpainted concrete walls, will not really pass for a cover in Real Living magazine. My nanay thinks a wooden sofa with red and beige stripes cushion is perfect for the living room - so she buys it. She thinks the fuchsia and dark blue sofa set is a nice complement to the wooden sofa set she recently bought, so she brings it in the house and places it at the end of the living room. Not that I question my nanay's taste, our house came out homey and liveable anyway, but I personally believe that more than it providing a roof at the end of the day, a house, a home deserves a character. Or something which will make it stand out among the gazillion houses in the world, so different that it can earn for itself a name. The Yellow House. The White Castle House on the top of the Hill. The Glass House. The Haunted House.

I got the kilig of a lifetime when I entered my tita Egie's (I call her Mommy) home in Cagayan (a province dominated by houses for their functionality purposes) and instantly I was transported to Morocco or Turkey or simply a fiery orange/red house which embraces color. I call it Mommy Morocco House. Just because I want to and I really suck at names. And this is the college freshman me gushing all over again - yes, the house has a lot to improve on (which I suggested to Mommy) but the house shouts "look at me, you want character, you say, LOOK AT ME!".

And so I looked and gushed and did impromptu picture taking. I could have advised her sooner that I am taking pictures of her lovely home so I can make a decent feature in my popular blog, haha!, but her house shared with Daddy (tito Jeng), their son, Haggy, and Haggy's young family, Gloria and their adorable baby Zach, is beautiful as it is.

Haba ng intro - ang daldal ko! This is me channeling Daphne Paez's Urban Zone only this time, I'm changing my show's name to Rural Zone (ngeh!) haha!

I promise to take better pictures soon. :)

This wheel is originally from a calesa used by a distant relative in her wedding. Mommy kept it (obviously), placed it in her garden and love-lified their home a million times over than how it was once.

Mommy owns a bakery just beside her house - and I think this is one of the chairs they are using for their guests. They took one out of the bakery, placed it in the garden and turned it into a nice cactus crib.

This wall inspired me so. I am more into subdued colors (hello pink and grey dreams!) but this reddish-orange wall adorned with a framed cross-stiched (so 90s!) project and complemented with wooden furnishings is simply divine.

The living room viewed at a different angle (or from across the wall I have fallen in love with). You've got to love the un-curtained Cathedral-like windows. The yellow rope tied from the leftmost window's grill is not a decorative - it is intended for baby Zach's duyan (you know how things work in the province :) ).

 Instead of the usual Christmas trinkets and ornaments, Mommy's Christmas tree is adorned with pictures of Zach - super proud lola!

 His and Hers Rocking Chair.

I call this museum pieces. Haha! This lovely table is blocked by the rocking chairs - which should not be!

 Pink Wall and Orange Door at the dining area. I did not even bother to fix the painting but the non-orderliness adds up to the charm.

 Knick-knacks or Mommy's anik-anik close up shot.


 The Dining Table. This dining table has been in the house for as long as I can remember - they no longer make sturdy furniture made out of wood these days. I forgot what type of wood was used here.

Love is in Door Details!

Tanya and Theo and friend by the balcony.

Lovely Home. <3>

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