Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sampaguita Art Utopia

I grew up in a sleepy barrio called Sampaguita, named after the Philippine national flower. Once upon a time, it was called nangka (langka in other dialects, jackfruit in english). How the name changed from the musty and strong-scented jackfruit to the fragrant and sweet Sampaguita is some history detail my grandfather never had the chance to brief me about (haha!) but it is a place I will always call home - even if I get to see it only at least once a year. Far from the many provinces in the Philippines I have had the privilege of visiting, there's nothing touristy about the place - it is simply HOME. Let us wait and see how it will change in the next five years. :)

Inspired by street art utopia (albeit in its simplest and least grand form), we took photos of things which caught our fancy.

This wave painting of a closed hardware shop stands out from the row of mostly grey houses.

And because we are Filipinos and it is embedded in our genetic make up to have OUR picture taken at any landmark - this is the sexy me pre-noche buena. :)

Mika, Isabelli and Bunny.

 And at the other side of the colorful hardware shop is this idyllic view of an abandoned house with the vast expanse of rice field as its background. This might not yet be prime real estate property but who know in the next ten years or so. :)

I will always keep on coming back.
No matter what. :)

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