Friday, November 16, 2012

Mark It More!

And then, there were TEN!

Some time ago, I have written about my super six friends who rival Backstreet Boys as the ultimate reason for my somersaulting heart, click here to review, and after gazillion months and years, finally my used to be Super Six is now the Perfect Ten! A milestone indeed, haha!

I am crazy about bookmarks and I have been collecting them since a friend gave me two of them for my birthday last year, then another jet-setting friend always comes home from a trip with a bookmark for me in tow and then Alan started making specialized bookmarks for me - so what do I have to do now? Start my bookmark empire -  and now I have TEN!!! Ten special bookmarks kept in my topmost secret vault in a bank somewhere in Switzerland and not even James Bond can crack the code, no, never ever!!!

Here are the four additional lovelies modeled by no less than Frances Mayes' A Year in the World. Yes, I have not graduated from my travel literature phase, and I do not think I ever will until the planet earth run out of countries or of culture or of beautiful stories of the same theme but told in different perspective by every unique soul in the entire planet. =)

One: The 50 Books to Read Before You Die bookmark.

I bought this myself from Fully Booked just last night and it's a little stressful to know that I have only read two out of the fifty books in the list although I have one on deck, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. On the Road is a tiring book to read, not tiring in the sense that it is boring and you can not wait for it to end but tiring because when I read I really put myself in the characters and the pages just come alive (I'm corny, I know, but that's just the way I am). The characters are constantly on the move, hitchhiking, traveling, partying, encountering, experiencing - I was exhausted by the time I reached the 5th chapter. I'll pick it up again before the year ends. Kerouac's energy is contagious. And then I am in search of a copy of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. By the way, the two books which I have read already are 1984 and Memoirs of a Geisha. And just so you know, I do not have any intention of reading all books on the list. Haha!

Two: Save the Date bookmark

I got this for free at the Secret Fresh Gallery in Ronac Art Center. I think it is clever to make an invitation out of bookmarks. It's an announcement of the Art Fair Philippines event in February next year. I am definitely saving the date.

Three: Mister & Miss Korea bookmark

Everything made in Korea is simply divine. This is Miss Charisse's pasalubong from Korea for me. I have bookmarks now from three of the world's most beautiful countries: China, Dubai and now Korea. I am pretty sure that in my future travels (Lord, help me make this happen), bookmark hunting will be among my many agenda.

Four: The Mushroom bookmark

...also called the happy happy joy joy bookmark - I didn't know mushrooms can be that happy, look at him smile! This one is from Alan and it came with a book, Dr. Seuss' Guess How Lucky You Are.

I am an advocate of the written and literally printed word - Kindle is an awesome invention but nothing beats the real thing. Plus Kindle robs you of the beautiful opportunity to own and use pretty bookmarks.

Read. It's good for our health. =)

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