Sunday, November 4, 2012

'If I could' Sunday

or design inspiration #10
or happy list #7
or the things I want to write about because I have the time to.

#1: If I could READ a book today, I will READ A Trip to the Stars by Nicholas Christopher because I am Cat Juan's fan and she recommends the book. I need a break from reading business and investments and self-help books - though I am learning a lot from them, sometimes, I feel that they are nagging me out of my mediocre present (which I am dying to get out of but nagging stresses me) and I want to get into fiction as a diversion.

Simon and Schuster's book review:

A Trip to the Stars is both a love story and a coming-of-age story that shows us what happens when we lose what matters most. Fusing imagination and suspense with remarkable narrative skill, Nicholas Christopher builds a story of tremendous scope that lingers in detail and sensation long after the last page has been turned.

Action Plan: Go to Fully Booked TOMORROW and buy the book. Asap.

#2: If I could KNOW and study the life of someone today (and I am always in the look out for inspiration) it will have to be Oscar Wilde. Just because Olivia Wilde's screen name is after the genius. Just because he has written a discourse on, of all things, home design!! And just because he thought of one of my favorite quotes: Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Action Plan: Then read his biography.

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#3: If I could WEAR something really nice today, I will WEAR bohemian-inspired fashion. Long and flowy dresses. Bell Bottoms. Head dresses. Necklaces. Bold Colors. Eclectic. I was once upon a time a gypsy. My creative college grad pic is bohemian inspired, though not worth posting here because it is a failed attempt to capture the hippie and bohemian 60s and 70s lifestyle which I am so much in love with.

Action Plan: Buy then wear. Simple. Preferably on a beach trip!

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#4:  If I could TRAVEL today, I will TRAVEL to Myanmar. I love golden sunsets. And Temples. And Non-city places. I love to know more about cultures far different from mine.

Action Plan: Save. Save. Save. Travel.

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#5:  If I could MARRY somebody today, my bridesmaids' dresses will be similar to the picture above - with colorful, romantic and feminine patterns. I will stand out as the only one wearing an all-white sexy bridal gown.

Action Plan: Then get married. But not too soon please.

#6:  If I could EAT anything today, I will EAT a hot and creamy pumpkin soup for the hot and sexy chic - hahaha!. I am a soup person and I think CPK has the creamiest pumpkin soup I have ever tasted, topped with crunchy bacon bits.

 Action Plan: Go to the restaurant and eat.

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#7:  If I could DESIGN my home today, my mood tells me to go for mismatched dining chairs or at least of different hues. Looking up design inspirations for my future pink and grey home always thrills me.

Action Plan: Save. Save. Save. Dream. Set Timelines!

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#8:  If I could SAY something today, I will SAY Shine On! Because there's no more greater expression of our gratitude to the Universe and the Almighty than to live our lives to the fullest (even if my English teacher said there is no such word as fullest) and strive to be the pocketful of sunshine in the crazy scheme of things.

Action Plan: Shine On!!!

Shine on Universe and have a Happy Sunday!

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