Friday, November 23, 2012

Speaking with the Angel

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Speaking with the Angel 
edited by Nick Hornby

Six Reasons why I Love Love the Book
(‘love’ written twice was intentional)

One: Nick Hornby. I have loved him since About A Boy, loved him more in How to be Good, even more in A Long Way Down. Then this book.

Two: Anthology. It is a collection of 12 stories in one book. It is schizo-inducing to jump from one character to the next, one story to the next, totally unrelated people, places and events – a wonderful ride of being a prime minister in midlife crisis in one chapter, a mime artist lost in passion to his craft in another chapter, a grandson who stole his deceased grandmother’s false teeth, a chef who prepares the last meals (literally) of prisoners in death row, a dog in a race.

 Three: It is written in first person narratives. I am partial to this kind of writing.

Four:  English expressions. Bloody. Bloke. Bollocks. Filthy. Shag. Snooze. Bugger.

Five: Colin Firth. I know him only as the actor. Bridget Jones. Love Actually. Pride and Prejudice. I did not know he can write a story. This bloke bloody writes as grand as he bloody acts.

Six: The proceeds from sale of the book will be for the benefit of children with autism. Nick Hornby’s inspiration is his own son with special needs, Danny.

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