Friday, November 9, 2012

Fast Food Fiction

Back in 2007, I bought a book entitled Fast Food Fiction where stories are written in 100 words.
Fast forward in 2012, through a free copy of a Reader's Digest, I read a feature (and a contest too) on writing stories in 100 words. I have not learned yet the discipline of a concise, precise and short writing and I like compositions lengthy and beating-around-the-bush, I try to take my sweet time. =)

But I am up to the challenge. This is the first (and hopefully not the last, haha!), I have written. By the way, the title is not included in the word count. Just making things clear here. 



The priest bows down in worship to the Host. The Church is one in silence. The bell rings, the choir sings, the people line up for communion. I sit on the long bench and wait for him to do the same. He remains on his knees, in deep prayer. I wait. “That was a really long intention”, I jest. He nods gently. “What did you pray for?”, I ask. “I prayed for you. For us.”, he says. He moves his gaze from the altar towards me and smiles meekly. And just like that, I fall even more deeply in love.

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