Friday, November 16, 2012


I have no other talent but my sexiness. Nyahaha (lol!) But no, sexiness is not even a talent. A talent is something that you hone and spend your time developing and in the great debate of nature and nurture, it falls, without question under nurture while sexiness, when interpreted more as an attitude or character more than it being related to physical attributes, fall under nature.

So let us begin again.

I have no other nature but sexiness. Nyahaha! But no (again), this entry is about talents and skills, let us go back to discussing that and besides as if my sexiness needs elaboration. *wink*


My current addiction now involves four things (seven, if you add Backstreet boys and books and bookmarks :p):

One, my future pink and grey home;
Two, mommy blogs and mommy magazines;
Three, self-help readings and words that inspire and nourish;
Lastly, arts and crafts.

‘Arts and crafts’ is an area I do not really identify myself with. I am not good with my hands. I have basic knowledge of the color schemes and my taste in design is bordering bland and boring. I have great respect to people whose imagination takes them to the deepest ends of the earth and produce something  out of this world and beyond ordinary. 

Last Sunday, I went to 10a Alabama out of curiosity, because they say it's an artist's place and things being showcased and sold are made out of the artist's hands. I felt intimidated with Pinoy's creativity, really. I was a little shy to take pictures and these are all I have. If you have time in the next months or so, they hold this fair every quarter, I encourage you to drop by and visit. It's refreshing to know about a world so different from corporate and the real estate. =)

BONUS: I saw Daphne Osena-Paez, I purposely did not request to have a photo taken with her because she was with her family and I did not want to intrude -  but she was there, on the same place, with her number one fan. Ang Saya!!! 

The Event Poster via 10a Alabama Facebook page

    Hand painted pony tails from Designer's Crib. I bought the lady bug design.

    Until such time I have figured out how to rotate the photo (haha!), here is a picture of Designer's Crib booth.

    Pretty accessories from Gawani Femi.

                        A whole assortment of handmade goodness from Thingamabobs

 Just a thought (a thingamabob-induced thought):

Once upon a time, I wished I were Ariel of the Little Mermaid because I think every little girl born in the 80s or the 90s had her Ariel phase. Thingamabob had me singing Part of Your World: "I have gadgets and gizmos a plenty, I've got whozzits and whatzzits galore, you want a thingamabob? I've got twenty! But who cares, no big deal, I want more!!" 

I did not have to google the lyrics to remember, I know the song by heart.

By the way, according to the urban dictionary:
A thingamabob is a noun used to describe items that either you can't remember the name of or that don't actually exist.
To drive my monito monita crazy, I want a thingamob for Christmas!! =)

   Vintage-inspired notebooks, journals, bookmarks, magnets and many more from artefact

    Trinkets and everything of color from My Marquee.

   I bought a blanket stitched in a pouch, perfect for traveling, from What If Handmade.

    'Gotta love the paper maches.

    I wish I can remember the store's name but they sell really unique accessories.

                                    Crazy over these book lockets from the Junk Studio.

Merry Christmas!!
Hint! Hint!

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