Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mark It

Pretty little things which make me happy.

Some women get their hair and nails done. For others, spa does the trick or shoe and bag-shopping. My stress-buster, my refuge from corporate monstrosity, my you-calm-and-slow-me-down place, is Fully Booked or maybe any bookstore anywhere – I just tend to gravitate to Fully Booked because it is nearer my work place. And they have a nice playlist. Two Tuesdays ago, they were playing Backstreet Boys songs. A bookstore and Backstreet Boys are perfect substitutes for Disneyland. At least for a 25-year old. Life is beautiful. =)

So I think we have established some facts about me.

Backstreet Boys rocks my world.
Book stores calm me.
I love reading books – a habit which I have strongly committed to starting this year only.

And naturally, things which excite me other than books are book-related – thus my teeny-weeny bookmark collection. I own six of them! Yes, SIX!!!! I am a bookmark magnate! I am starting a bookmark empire! I am a bookmark-illionaire! Move over you, uhm, whoever you are who own the most bookmarks, make way for your match!!

Here are the first super six bookmarks I am raving about (haha!!) modeled by David Sedaris' book, Naked:

These are Eva’s gifts for my first birthday spent in that real estate company in MOA. She thought the bookmark read “Don’t Work” (because people at my workplace think I work so hard – har! Har!).

It is a gift originally intended for my cousin Lean. He gave it to me because he is too macho to own things with flowers on it. Until now, I have yet to assign a meaning to this bookmark’s “L”-ness. Love. Learn. Lust. Legs. London. ‘Langya. (haha!)

I received this from Miss Charisse, my architect-colleague, when she got back from her China trip. Envious!! It is a paper bookmark with Chinese-inscription on it which meaning I don’t know, and I don’t think I will ever know. Sabi niya, “naalala kita nung nakita ko 'to dun”. Aaaww!!

I have two of them!! Lorax and “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut”. These were especially made for me by Alan and just the thought of having somebody actually do things, NOT BUY, for me – it makes me feel extremely special! Plus, once upon a time, I nurtured an addiction to all-things Dr. Seuss. =)

I was low on pocket money in Dubai but I have to buy them – a book rug reminiscent of Aladdin’s magic carpet and a “metallic” bookmark for peace (I got one for my good friend Mei – for love).

Now, you know what to give for my birthday. ;p

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