Friday, November 2, 2012

Coffee Lifestyle

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The Coffee Shop Lifestyle.
That's how I call it.

It is about two friends bonding over ice blended coffee drinks, indulging in gossip and catching up with each one's life and love stories. It is about a group of students who huddle in one long table exchanging ideas about Oscar Wilde or some impractical Calculus equation they will never apply in a profit-oriented company they will work for in the future (and I cite the Calculus equation example with bitterness given my experience with that kind of Math.) It is about lovers sharing a bagel and a cup of espresso, talking about what movie to watch after their quiet time together, about their wedding plans, about how to design their future love nest. It is about business partners brain storming about trends and satisfying consumer demands, citing statistics and gross profit margins. It is about a graduate school student tinkering with an excel document, forcing some data sample to give an output that will validate his conclusion about some research (yes, that actually happens, conclusion first before the data). It is about a husband, newspaper on one hand, a cup of strong black coffee on the other, waiting for his wife to finish her grocery shopping. It is about an artist starting or completing a design. It is about the individual who needs a quiet time, some moment to spend by his lonesome to read and write and think and to observe. It's about the craziness of filling up the required number of stickers so that by the start of another year, one gets a planner.

I apologize for the stereotyping and labeling. These are based primarily on observations and  I fall under the last two categories. The loner crazy about the stickers. I spend a lot of me-time and I am  not complaining. At this point in my life, I need that quiet time to calm my otherwise stretched-to-the limit self, always in a hurry, always in the midst of some invisible race to get to the finish line of my personal dreams. Cookies and mint-flavored blended drink earns me the right to sit in one corner to do things I never get to do when not on solo-flight mode. Plus, it gets me the precious sticker - that's one drink less away from the mustard colored 2013 planner I'm drooling over. =)

SBC's The Hippie Journal image and text via kristn

Seattle's Best Coffee recently launched the SBC Dream Journal for 2013, a feature-laden organizer that will come in handy as you plot out your schedules for next year. But, the journal's most notable feature is its contribution to a worthwhile cause: World Vision, a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization dedicated to overcoming poverty and injustice, particularly by helping send underprivileged children to school.

17 stickers away!


  1. Eh kung mag-coffee ka naman kaya with me? :)

  2. Mei!! read your comment just now, are you free on the 24th???=)
    We have to meet before December!=)