Friday, June 22, 2012

Trayks & Trains ver 2.0

Part Two.

Missing My friends - Ria is not in the picture though. =)

I asked my friends the same question: "What are you doing and why are you doing it?". I am loving every bit of their answers (which they came up with only in a matter of a few minutes!!) and I hope they do not mind if I share them here because their answers are far better, more inspired and worthier to be shared than mine:

From Ria:

Mine are just super babaw. I love life, love people (even if they don't love me back), stalk crushies, do some work to feed my body, travel to feed my soul and live the most out of my life (which sometimes mean not doing anything, simply staring into space or just sleeping). I live a life of a sloth (but of the spiritual kind ^_^) which sometimes makes me feel guilty but I do it still cause I know that life is precious and this could possibly the only moment in my life that I could really live the kind of life that I truly wanted. 

I feel that I am living on a borrowed time and soon I will be called back to the "real world" in order for me to serve the purpose to which I was born and created. But until that calling comes, I am inspired to live the life of a free spirit and a carefree soul!

From Ajean:

I am in the process of rediscovering myself this year, dear. I am targeting inner peace, for starters. My main motivation for doing such is my regrets in the past and my anticipation of the future. *bow*

From Bes:

Career-wise, I do economic and financial analysis because it pays the bills, feeds me (well, haha), and funds the other things I like to do with my time. I know these aren't very inspiring reasons and on some level there I at least find it interesting if not all that meaningful, and I can see a path for me in this (be it a very foggy, murky one that that for all I know leads to a dead end), but these are enough for me for now. At present I don't know how to do anything else and I don't know which of the various anything elses is the one I really want to pursue with the kind of drive, passion and determination that all these blogs and books and talks tell us we should be feeling for our life's work, so... for now, this is a good place. I've read about people who do the 'comfortable' thing for years and then just wake up one day unable to do it anymore, so they switch careers. I've read about people who do something they don't really love or hate for years and then just wake up one day and realize they love what they do after all. I've read about people who vehemently pursue the thing they love but have to give it up because they've either been shown the door or the bills. I've read about people who do both-- spend half their time doing what they love and half doing what pays the bills.

Academic-wise, I'm studying economics again both because it helps me in my work and because I find it, for the most part, really interesting (microecon not included haha). Forecasting is especially appealing (if I could make sense of all the stat and math) because it would be really cool to be able to predict possible futures (to within a margin of error)?
On the side, I'm reading about personality and psychology because I want to understand myself and others, because most of the time I don't.

As for the other things I do,

I crochet because I love to create things. I crochet because I need something to do with my hands. I crochet because I love the idea of something handmade-- crochet can't be done by machine-- and truly unique, because no two crochet items are ever exactly alike, even if it's made by the same person with the same materials.

I write because sometimes I have lots of things to say that no one but myself would care to listen to. I write because it puts structure to my thoughts.

I read because what others have to say can be mind-opening. I read because mine is not the only perspective worth having. I read because that's how I travel. I read because that's how I time-travel. I read because that's how I live several lifetimes in one. I listen to music for the same reasons. I sing because that's how I stop thinking. 


Thank you Universe for bringing these people into my life! =)

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