Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy List #3

Hello weekend!!!=)

PINK SUNSET. I was rushing to our showroom when this made me stop for a few seconds. Pink Sunset. Tama ang address ng office ko - somewhere over the rainbow, and over the rainbow is not a pot of gold but an endless sea blanketed by a cotton candy pinkish and bluish sky. How girly. =)

BOOK SALE. While the smell of a new book beats the smell of coffee all the time (at least for me, because I am not a coffee drinker, haha!), this book which I've been meaning to buy (but seem to always forget to buy) made me say, "I'm happy, so so happy, I'm the happiest girl in the world" - How to be Good for Php 150?? Never mind the curious, weird, judgmental stares at the secondhand bookstore. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new MRT companion for a week (I'll be finishing it this weekend!!) - Nick Hornby. =)

LOLA A. I am a lola's girl, I grew up with the most wonderful grandparents one can ever have. Last Thursday, my Lola Asion celebrated her 76th birthday. Sad, I was not able to attend the party. Happy because my lola turned 76 - still the smart and sharp lola that I have known since I was a little girl running around in my pink underwear. Excerpts from our phone conversation:

Tina: Hi Lola, Happy Birthday!!
Lola A: Thank you. Please pray for me.
Tina: I love you lola.
Lola: mutters something incoherent
Tina: Lola, I love you po.
Lola: passes phone to my brother

We have never been the type of family who showers each member hugs and kisses and says "I love you" - these give us goosebumps so I can just imagine my lola's feeling of awkwardness. But I want to say it because it has to be said so, because though I know that she knows, it's different when you hear it straight from the source. Especially if the source is the smartest, prettiest, sexiest, the best granddaughter in the world, weighing 100 pounds, in the red corner and the future Ford Supermodel of the world.... let's get ready to rumble!!!!

NEWSPAPER ON A TUESDAY. I don't read the newspaper on the weekday just on Sundays - but good thing I did as I came across this interesting article about cartoon characters and their influences on the author's life. If I were to run down my own "cartoon character" mentors, at the top of mind are:

1) Julio at Julia - kambal ng tadhana
2) The Sleeping Beauty
3) The Little Mermaid
4) Eloise
5) Princess Odette - from The Swan Princess
6) Penelope Pitstop

I promise to make my list longer!


Host: Candidate number 23, good evening! Here is the question: If money is not an issue, where are you and what are you doing now?

Tina or Candidate number 23: Thank you for that beautiful question.

Audience and a multitude of fans, applause!

Tina or Candidate number 23: I wish to not disappoint you, but I will give you the generic of all answers. I'll be everywhere in the world, immersing in and appreciating different cultures, witnessing the wonders of the Universe, hopping in different train stations, chatting with strangers at the airport, hanging on to dear life in a Tuktuk ride in Thailand, meditating with the monks of Tibet, hiking on the Himalayas, planting rice with the people of Batad, dancing to "Pearly Shells" in Hawaii, eating crepes in the streets of Italy, singing Empire State of Mind in New Yooorrrkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of (fades away...), waving at the astronauts from the Great Wall of China, having a picnic on the grounds blanketed by cherryl blossoms in Japan, surfing in Australia, diving in Palawan, having a wonderful family dinner in Cagayan - in short, I am everywhere my heart desires me to be and I'd be traveling.

Host: Oh you should have gotten directly to the "in short" part, we get your point. Why the need to elaborate?

Tina or Candidate number 23: Because I'm smart. Bow.

Audience and a multitude of fans, applause!

This long and nonsense rambling is inspired by a souvenir newspaper I brought home from Dubai last March which I came across while trying to sort and organize my office desk and munchies from Japan courtesy of a cousin's friend.

To a longer happy list.
Have a blessed weekend!

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