Saturday, June 23, 2012

Design Inspiration #1

First, I think I should start a pinterest account for an online mood board - it has amazing and colorful things, interesting finds in the worldwide web (do we still use the term?=D) But while, I am still slacking, every time I come across pretty things for my future home (sana super near future na..=p) and because pretty things make one feel pretty, I will post them here.

Buena mano, products from Heima. There is one principle in designing a house I picked up from home magazines I've read, pick out just ONE accent piece, just one piece for conversation starter, just one item that will carry out your entire place's design and it will do all the work for you.

These colorful settees from Heima are to die-for and each one will make a great accent piece. Can't I have them all?=)

and 'lookee here!!=)

Words of Wisdom from Heima - Love, Dream and Be Free!

Great to have a goal.=)

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