Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy List

Happy List (week 1 of June 2012)

Cosmopolitan Philippines' 15th Anniversary issue last May 2012 with Ann Curtis on the cover has a feature entitled the Happy List. The magazine listed down 15 things/topics/places/persons which have, in one way or another and in their most simple way, managed to contribute happiness to the fun and fearless populace. This weekend, I have come up with my own happy list (and I hope to do this more frequently). I negotiated for a me-time with friends and in the case of my family, imposed. I have said this a million times and at the risk of sounding selfish, I value my me-time and there are instances when I feel more comfortable when I am alone and when I operate solo. So my idea of me-time in the first week of June is a gastos-free weekend on my bed with my books and tv series. I samurai'd and chaku'd and borrowed Captain America's shield to keep all those negative thoughts flying on to me with these snippets of happiness from the Universe which made my weekend not "mardigras happy" but happy. Just that. Simply happy.

FREE CONCERT TICKETS. It might make me reconsider my me-time for this weekend if it were Backstreet Boys concert tickets (happening any minute now and i am just sad i cannot watch my boys, hay!) but when somebody asks you out to watch a concert for free, you do not really say no even if you have no idea who the artists are. haha! Libre 'to pare, the best things in life are free, di ba, so this is THE best thing. 

Alan: Gusto mong manood ng concert nina Edwin Mc Cain and Taylor Dane on Friday?
Me  : Sino sila? (haha! walang alam)
Alan: si Mc Cain yung singer ng "I'll be", si Taylor Dane "insert song title which I forgot"..
Me  : For free?
Alan: yes.
Me  : I'm in.

Dapat unang text parati sakin, "Tina, libre 'to, gusto mong sumama sa....", the answer, whatever the question is (basta wholesome and non-compromising of my values, good girl yata 'to, haha!) , is a resounding yes, yes, yes! 

CHEF TONY'S POPCORN. And the tagline fits, "Your Tubs of Happiness". If I were to endorse a product (because I am famous, mwahahaha!), chef tony's will be my food endorsement. I always buy their classic and caramel flavors and I gave away these tubs of happiness last Christmas because happiness is meant to be shared, naks! But just recently, when we watched that free concert of Edwin Mc Cain in SM MOA Arena, their snack concessionaire bundled chef tony's cheese popcorn with their measly hotdog sandwich and it was such a treat, it made my night.

FRUITS IN ICE CREAM. It's the third stall from the Kalayaan Dorm entrance of the UP Diliman Shopping Center which I frequent most Sundays because of their ice cream. I order only one flavor: Pistachio. Ang sarap. It's not overtly sweet like other commercial ice creams, swabe lang. This is usually my last "foodie stop" in UPD. First, isaw and squid balls. Second, boiled peanuts. Third, Sweet Corn. Fourth, watermelon shake. Last (because you always save the best for last), pistachio flavored ice cream.

TV SERIES. No bum-on-a-weekend mode is complete without watching the telly. My current fixes are Cougar Town (hilarious!) and revenge (dark).

SUNDAY BROADSHEET. I only read newspapers on Sundays and I've written down in many of my entries that I am loving everything about the Sunday newspapers. The Philippine Star has the best feature writers: Jim Paredes, Butch Dalisay, Lucy Torres, Adel Tamano, Bianca Gonzales, etc. The Philippine Daily Inquirer has the best editorial writers there are in the country: Randy David, Rina Jimenez-David, Patricia Evangelista, etc. 

SUELAS. I picked up my third pair of Suelas shoes I ordered online last Thursday and again like Chef Tony's, if I were to endorse a shoe brand it will be Suelas - super comfy and stylish. Check out them out here.

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ANOTHER BLOG ENTRY. My sister finds it weird that I keep on writing in this blog (enthusiastically, complete with pictures and all) even if I am far from the league of celebrated bloggers. I write because writing keeps me sane. It's one of those things I gravitate to when I need to be creative and colorful and real to myself. I like re-reading previous entries and realizing, hey, I have a story, I am not a fleeting soul,not a mere speck of dust in the Universe. It's my stage and I write as if what I am writing is interesting even if the only one who finds what I have written down interesting is myself. Writing is my yoga. And after every entry, I feel like I have gotten out of a good back massage and foot rub. Writing makes me happy.

To a longer happy list!

Happy Sunday!

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