Friday, June 22, 2012

Trayks and Trains

If there is anything in the world that can successfully remove me from my eternal state of sexiness (yes, that's how you begin a blog entry, confidence!), it is the act of riding the MRT. It is an ordeal which I go through everyday unless I become rich enough to finally see the light of Molly - my future car (pero house muna!). I ride the carriage intended for women at the premise that "dalagang pilipina's" like moi are easier and more comfortable to ride with. I forgot that in history, yes, there was a Maria Clara (MC) but then there's also the feisty Gabriela Silang. And the Gabriela's bred faster and multiplied more than the MC's.

While I am tempted to write about my rants on the third world state of the country's transportation system ( I am a taxpayer and I demand stress-free riding on my padyak's, jeepney's, and trayk's*!!), I have a different and more personal agenda.

*Trayk is the sosyal term for tricycle, picked it up from Jenny Blas, one of my closest friends, on our first year in college. Funny, how I think of it as a sosyal term but that is my first impression when she said, the word, "trayk". My promdi heart skipped a beat when I heard it, "trayk". I thought then, pag balik ko ng Cagayan, shet, sosyal na'ko, and my promdi friends will bow down because of my sosyal transformation brought about my city-college education!! Thank you, "trayk!".

Back to MRT.

Thought not backed up by statistics, I bet that 90% of the MRT commuters are part of the working class - all in a rush to get to work. Women rush and shove and push - they ruin their mornings exchanging the infamous MRT script that can rival Cherie Gil's, "You're nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat!" line.

Girl 1: Miss, naiipit na ko, wag kang manulak.
Girl 2: Di ako nanunulak, nakita mong ang sikip-sikip, MRT 'to miss, kung ayaw mong mahirapan (pause, roll eyes, deep breath)... EH DI MAG TAXI KA!!

"Eh di magtaxi ka" - the shut-up you are part of the working class who can not afford a car even a measly taxi fare, thus you do not have any right to complain line.

And because I am feeling profound and smart-sy fartsy, I ask myself, why am I doing this? Amidst sweaty armpits, dishevelled hair and crumpled clothes; amidst the feeling of mediocrity and restlessness of having some stranger breathe on my face; amidst the helplessness and motionlessness because, one, there's no more space to move around in, two, wala akong perang pang-taxi! If God did not compensate my  poverty with my to-die-for physique and oozing sex appeal, I would have gone mad and rebellious.You are just and fair, Lord.=)

Why are we okay with having to go through this everyday ordeal? Why do we even do this? Because we like it? I do not think so. Because we look forward to spending the entire day on our desk and to seeing our bosses? Maybe two out of 10 do. Because we fear getting reprimanded for our tardiness? 4 0ut of 10. I search for a definitive answer. Why am I doing what I am doing and why am I doing it? (dapat may reflections sa lahat ng sufferings, sabi nga, life is a beautiful struggle - cue music, spot light on me, emote, tulo ng luha from my left eye... )

I did not grow up thinking that I will work in the real estate industry in the future. I have been with the industry since 2007. The reason is simple and uninspiring - it was the first opportunity that presented itself after college graduation. Do I see myself in it in the next five years? i could not say for sure, it certainly has grown on me but I am still left unsatisfied. I work in the business development department of that developer somewhere down the road, somewhere over the rainbow, and somewhere only we know. I function as a business owner to projects assigned to me, ensures that everything is a-okay and oversees the project life cycle from its cradle to its grave. One of the things I like about my current work now is that I am learning a lot and that I feel useful to an organization - and without any hint of yabang, my department will go  a little crazy if ever I decide to leave because I am indispensable, because I KNOW... where the files are kept (haha! kala mo because I am smart, i am a cabinet magnet,wahaha!), other than that, they can manage on their own.

So that's what I do.

And why am I doing it? For the practical reasons why one has to work.

To pay my bills.

To extend a little help to my parents in sending my brother to college. According to Adel Tamano's Sunday article several weeks ago, if work stresses you out, make somebody a reason why you're doing it. And I am working so my brother Paul never gets to miss a week of his allowance. I want him to experience the abundance I had felt when I was in college - that dreams are endless and they do come true. That life is beautiful. That there are many things to see and experience. That life is good.

To be able to fulfill the responsibilities to my family and the society (pag-asa ng bayan, unite!) without giving up so much of the personal goals I intend to achieve.

To travel.

To buy myself books. Or Kindle. =)

To be able to afford a vacation for the whole family.

To make my parents life comfortable and litlle easier than now.

To buy my sisters shoes and clothes - nice ones not picked out from a mallwide sale.

To finally touch and go on adventures with Molly.

To have my own space, buy a really nice desk and bed, and to be able to afford daily visitors-accommodation (because I am famous and everyone wants to get a piece of me - haha!).

To be able to afford a comfortable life for my future family.

To be free.

To share.

My reasons are extremely selfish (I concede to it) but my character is made this way: I can only be a light to others if I had been a light to myself. Like what my Lola told my father years ago, one can not give what one does not have.

And that dear friends, is what you get from riding the MRT.

Jumbled and Rumbled thoughts.

Happy Jumbling and Rumbling weekend!

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