Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy List #2

One : Freshly Made Sheets

Floral Sheets from SM Department Store

Bed Sheets never make it in my shopping list because it is a mommy-item. But after my pink-striped sheet got ripped, blue sheet faded (they're both seven years old and have been with me since college dorm days), and red sheet constantly borrowed from a cousin, it's time I stop blaming the distance between Cagayan Valley, where my doting nanay is, and Quezon City on my restless nights brought about by icky-sticky sheets. So unhygienic. So i bought one from a department store, settled for a white bed sheet with floral design (I'm not really into flowers but they are the cheapest among the acceptable choices i can find, haha, sorry di pa suweldo nun), had them sent out to a laundromat (I love how they smell after having washed by our friendly neighbor's laundry shop, twist and turn - syempre, may libreng plugging, love your neighbors!) and slept my way to dreamland. Next month, when I get so much richer than I am now (confident dapat!!), I'll be more fussy with thread counts and comfiness of my only-for-the-rich sheets. Oh sheets for my sweet, sugar for my honey...sing it with me, sheet-heart. haha!

Two: Fully Booked

Fully Booked Gateway Tiles (Left); Fully Booked Greenhills (Right)

Why do I love it so much? I have written a few entries about my fondness (and yes, love) of the bookstore because it has always been there when I needed it the most. 
Stores to visit:
Fully Booked in High Street - multi-level bookstore for multi-level happiness.
Fully Booked in Green Hills - grand staircase for grand surprises!
Fully Booked in MOA - my home away from home.
And my most favorite of all, Fully Booked in Gateway - their floor tiles are chapters out of Machiavelli's The Prince, how brilliant!

I want a house with floor tiles or designs inspired by the written word.

Three: Dear Darla Pizza

Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza

I like it when I have a participation in the prep of the food I eat. And because I do not and can not cook (haha!), I resort to other ways of involvement like sprinkling of  herbs or spices on my food. Or turning the food this way and that way before it finds it place inside my sexy belly. Dear Darla perfectly fits the bill. You add alfalfa sprouts, and arugula and several other unidentified vegetables (sorry!!) then roll the pizza strip to seal in all of its pizza-goodness. Yum!

Four: Watermelon Shake

Watermelon Shake from La Union

The only drink I order all the time in restaurants, capable of producing fruit shakes, whenever, wherever,other than water. It's the most refreshing drink in the entire Universe.

Five: Home Magazines, Showrooms and Home Decor 

Thank You Alan, Miss Toni and Summit Media

Other than bookstores, whenever I feel the need to de-stress, I visit home decor stores and furniture shops. I dropped reading fashion and entertainment magazines in exchange of home magazines. Last Thursday, I mentioned this current addiction to anything home-related to a collegue from the marketing department and the next thing I know, I received an entire package of real living magazines - I am the happiest girl in the world.

They say you have to express outwardly and make the world a witness to your innermost desires because doing so will bring you closer to that one thing you want to achieve the most at this moment. And so I write this down (and think of it and pray for it...):

Papa Jesus,
You know the ways of my heart.
You said several centuries ago when you visited our ancestors in the planet earth: ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you - wala na pong bawian!So here I am, asking and seeking and knocking. I pray with all my might, mind and heart for a house,a home, a space I can call my own. I promise to be a good girl and to work really hard so You'll think I am deserving of such gift. I would love to do my groceries in SnR, fill in my refrigerator with food and treats I promise to share, dust off my couch with a cool feather duster I got from Ace Hardware (feather duster kasi matipid po ako sa electricity kaya I will avoid vacuum cleaners saka para cool - haha!!), write a blog entry and check off items from my to-do-list on my organized work desk, read inspiring stories on my deck with a beautiful view of the city (or the sea or the mountains) and have a good night sleep on my big, warm and comfy bed.

I dream and think about my dream home in most of my free time, and like most dreams, I am confident they will come true.

To a longer happy list!

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