Sunday, April 14, 2013

street party

i love love my friends!

Right after the successful first ever meeting of our book club (yes, my friends and I have recently started a book club, to exercise our sexy brains - I love love my girlfriends!♥), we headed straight to Travel Factor's Summer Block Party for the launching of their semi-annual magazine. It was in 2010 when I first joined their trip to Sagada and the experience sparked my love affair with packing my bag and hopping on planes or buses or boats to bring me to the most amazing places in the country! While I am not as active in participating in trips now than how I was in the past years, I owe to TF the following:

a) my wanderlust ignition
b) beautiful friendship with other kindred souls who have deep-rooted affairs with beautiful places and experiences most especially with Aica and Dian 
c) joining TF trips together brought Alan and me closer :p

The party was held in Manila Boutique Hostel, a haven for backpackers and the first of its kind in Metro Manila (I think). I hope to try backpacking in the near future - I am a little splurg-y when it comes to accommodation because I like being treated like a princess (who doesn't??) - but the backpacking vibe and energy is so beautiful, it would be fab to dive right in it.

The party was a great venue for chilling with friends and meeting new friends!:) I am so happy I got to practice my already rusty Deutsch - I was peppering my sentences with: Danke Schon! Bitte! (Haha!:) My German 10 professor will be proud!!

L-R: Paolo, Malaya, Me and Aica

I met Malaya in a TF Surfvivor trip in La Union in 2011. We've become friends since then. :)

My love mantra:
Take me anywhere.
I'm yours.

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