Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sexy Brains

i love love books!

...and since love is intensified when shared, I am so happy that my friends are just as crazy with reading as I am! :) A long time ago, Bes initiated for our barkada to start a book club and the first ever book for discussion was Love in Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The date was set, the venue was set - for some reason, it never pushed through. And honestly, I never got through the table of contents of the book, with all due respect to the great Mister Marquez. Then careers happened. School happened. Each of us had our own "thing" to do, interests to dedicate our time to and completely forgot about the book club. But what is meant to happen will happen, so on the second week of April 2013, we had our first official meet up. 

designed by Alan David

And guess what? We even have our own logo (haha! I haven't gotten their inputs yet but just in case any of my friends get to read this, sorry, final na 'to!! :-)) Why VeeTee? Long story!!! In summary, it is in honor of our dear friend and future big time lawyer Ajean Tuazon (thus the T in Tee, huh??) for her unwavering love and dedication to the group. 

For every legit (aherm) book club, there is a facilitator. The facilitator's obvious role is to create guide questions and identify points as guidelines for the discussion. Our first ever, volunteer facilitator, is Ria, the smart, hip, traveler-of-the-world lover of Wolfgang and future diplomat (PNoy just signed her official appointment!). She is of free spirit, bravely quit her promising corporate career, started her own travel agency, is currently earning her master's degree (and expressed interest in taking up law!) and will embark on her new adventure in public service sometime in June. She lives one of the most beautiful lives I know! The facilitator gets to recommend the book also, and our first ever book assignment was....

This is a far cry from the initial Love in Time of Cholera but less intimidating and far more entertaining *wink*. Some of the girls were a little reluctant of the choice but the facilitator has the final say (haha!!). While, it is only proper that I write down the result of the book review here or that I share my personal discourse (this post is after all supposed to be about the book), Bes is doing the summary of the discussion so I will just update this entry once she sends in the report (hahaha!).

Our venue was supposed to be somewhere in The Collective in Malugay, Makati but transferred to Starbucks Reposo after a quick stop at LRI. The early birds get to taste authentic German beer, though, in a pub in The Collective (I forgot the name of the restaurant, yikes!).

We went around The Collective and were invited by this young-sies to be an audience to their ukelele jamming session - they sang All You Need is Love by the Beatles! We loved their vibe and energy and their craft. ♥

Ria, the facilitator. :)

In attendance were Abby, Ria, Bes, Jenny and me. Ajean made it just in time for Chapter 3. :)

I enjoyed our discussion, no kidding!It's not really about the book (and not judging it by its cover :p) but it is how it is discussed, shared and interpreted in different perspectives. :) Just a quick rummaging through my memory what ideas were brought up in our book club (again, Bes' summary will be the real deal - paging Bes :p):

1) Pre-emptive Supalpal

Are you the kind who beat around the bush or who go straight to the point? Most of the girls want a straightforward approach in life. Say it loud, say it proud.

2) Brain vs Heart vs Bird

My girlfriends have a brain-approach in decision making. I think I am 60% heart, 40% brain kind-of-girl. The bird is out of the question. I read from somewhere, though, and I wish to apply it personally that when faced with decision-making dilemma, you have to ask yourself these three questions (more like a cost-benefit analysis minus the math and injected with a little heart :)):

a) what is the best that can happen?
b) what is the worst that can happen?
c) what will it cost you if you remain the same?

3) Don't Forget to be Awesome

This is more the Green Brothers thing (involving the famous author, John Green - thank you Bes for the info), but hey, Ramon Bautista is awesome too. ;)

Our next meet up will be in June and I will be facilitating!!
'Got to prepare!

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