Monday, April 22, 2013

charlie does.

i love love the beach!

I love love the beach and I have professed this love a million times over but has to be told over and over again just because there is nothing like being one with the sun, sky, sand, the sea and all beautiful creations that sprung forth from God's brilliant concept of an infinite pool of water, sprinkles of gazillion fine sand and wonderful people lumped together under one big sky, which man randomly called as the beach.

I love love the beach and everyone else who does - most especially those whose love spawns the most beautiful ideas inspired by the waves and the promise of eternal sunshine.

Last weekend, my only intention was to get my balancing-on-the-surfing-board-groove back (I was supposed to write surfing skills, but for now, the only thing I know is standing on the board and letting the waves take me to the shore or colliding with another surfer-wannabe), that, and of course, getting the to-die-for-surfer abs. :-) So, I found myself in Baler, yet again (my fourth visit to the place) and I am pretty sure I will be frequenting this lovely town after getting to know Charlie Does.

First, the obvious.  Charlie Does marries many of my interests: beach, surfing, the arts, books and yoga. Surfing and yoga, I have yet to dive deeply into, neither am I an artist but when I do a word cloud of the the things which ignite me, these three things will surely appear most frequently: surf, yoga and art. Books are given, I love love books (I am a proud member of the Veetee Book Club!) and the beach, no explanation needed here.

The place has still ongoing works and the owner mentioned that they may be completing by June this year. Can't wait! Last Sunday, they have been operational for merely three weeks.  The ground floor houses the shop, cafe, art gallery, reading nooks and the books. On the second floor is a yoga studio.

Sign says they open at around 8ish and closes at around 9ish. :)


I am loving these nooks and the beach vibe!! I can stay here the whole day and just read and write and think and observe and daydream. Take notice of the mismatched chairs - so nice!

On this bench sits an interesting selection of books. I asked if they were on sale, I was eyeing Alain de Botton's Art of Travel, but I was told they were not. The books are up for a "book swap", how cool is that? They have Jack Kerouac's, David Sedaris' and Malcolm Gladwell's and surfing and yoga books. I am dreaming of taking a one-week leave from work and just staying in Baler for this. Oh!

They sell shirts and other souvenir items. The poster says it all about Charlie Does' vision and what it stands for: THE GOLDEN ERA OF SURF IS NOW. The last statement reads, "We are ensuring that a generation of young Filipino surfers have the chance to surf, play chess, work and learn in a safe, clean and welcoming environment." They sponsor (educational) scholarship to surfers, in fact, one of their own surfers is a scholar of UP Fine Arts. Some of his art pieces are for sale in the shop (and 100% of the revenues goes straight to the painter/surfer). :) Isn't that lovely?

Charlie Does reminds me of Casa San Miguel in Zambales (and their thrust to nourish the artistry of the underprivileged) and Grupo Reposo in Bel-Air Makati (and their thrust to keep the arts alive in the CBD). The movers and shakers of these communites/organizations are living their passion and radiate these to the world; in their pursuit of living and doing what makes them happy, the world around them benefits. 

This is beyond beautiful.

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