Saturday, April 27, 2013


i love love Siquijor!
so much so, there's a part two post (less touristy, more personal). :-)
a photo essay

This trip is my "rise above the drama" getaway. I needed this trip like how my lungs need oxygen to function. So thank you fate, destiny, will and the universe for the gift of experience and an indulgent escape. :)

After visiting Siquijor's tourist attractions, we spent the rest of our days in the island the way we want it - breathing, chilling, napping, barefoot on the sand and witnessing how the sun wakes up and sleeps. :-) Whenever I close my eyes and remember those moments, these are what my memory bank projects.

One: Different shades of sunset 
- fiery pink and mellow yellow.

 Two: White sand - peppered with tiny twigs, seeds and flowers which fall from the trees/shrubs and 
shells, pebbles and seaweeds (plants) which the ocean brings into the shore.

Three: Jellyfish.  
We saw one while kayaking. Does it sting? I'm 90% sure it does. :-p 
Seeing it reminded of my dream to experience Surigao's jellyfish lagoon. 
Oh! Where's my notebook of dreams? 'Got to write this down.

Three: Mosquito net. Kulambo, in Filipino. 

The last time I have been in one was what, 20 years ago! We were eyeing a more popular resort for our accommodation but they were full - this brought us to Coral Cay Resort. It is such a beautiful and rustic resort where guests get their own hut/s with kulambo. Probinsya! I am loving the bed sheet pattern too!
Four: Three Wheeler. Tricycle. 
The island's main source of transportation (at least for the tourists, and motorcycles too!).

Five: Fish nets. 
They look like (my interpretation of, at least) a mermaid's hair. :) 
With dangl-y accessories.

Six: Shot by the Forest
There's a long and winding road to and from Salagdoong beach.
It's too beautiful, we got down to have our picture taken. 

Seven: Yoga Pose
-a poser's pose! 
The resort has a beautiful gym (no walls, mirrors, and made of indigenous 
materials. I can lay down on its floor all day long!!

Eight: Beach Bumming
A hammock swing (with a book, of course, and then nap afterwards)?
Or a rope swing?
Take your pick. 

Nine: From the Waters
Here's a view not from the beach but from the sea.
Why, hello there coconut trees? :)

Ten: Doors by the Pier 

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