Monday, April 15, 2013


i love love schools!

"What is a university?", asked Dean Fab, our History of Economic Thought professor and the dean of UPSE. My grade one eager beaver mind wanted to volunteer and impress the professor with, "uhhrm, a university is an academic institution which grants learners degrees so they can work and establish their own businesses in the future". His idea is different. A university is a venue for debate of ideas; it is where personal beliefs and opinions are challenged. He had more fancy and philosophical ideas to say about the university worth noting but my ADHD thoughts brought me to the breeziness of Acad Oval and the 10 sticks of isaw I will be consuming after the lecture that I missed a speck of his genius. I miss being a student and I love being one. 

In our Dumaguete trip, we skipped the beach and spent an early morning of picture taking in Silliman University. While UP Diliman remains my first love, Silliman University charmed and wooed me. A university by the harbor, overlooking the ocean, expansive open areas, beautiful trees and flowers and grass and the impressive architecture - oh! It is the perfect academic environment, conducive for learning and brimming with inspiration. Its landscape is most ideal for the artists and the romantic. (My observations are based primarily on the aesthetics as I have not researched on the university's curriculum).

At the Side of the Church. This has got to be my favorite spot. White bench under a big acacia (?) tree. Fallen leaves and flowers on the ground.

Golden Carpet. Silliman University has lots of these at this time of the year (summer). Ground carpeted with flowers and leaves and seeds and tiny twigs. So real and lovely.

Oh House! I forgot to check what this house is for, but I really do not care, it is too lovely, I literally paused and stared at it for minutes! It is within a compound of more houses (I am betting they are dormitories or faculty houses) and there were birds (lots of them) chirping and chanting, I regret not having sat down and took the chance to meditate.

Gateway. Don't you just the love the flowers that dangle and charm you as you seek entry to the hall? So beautiful!

Mr. Silliman

Beyond Beautiful!

All Photos are by Alan David (except for those with the following captions: 
a) At the Side of the Church| b) Golden Carpet| c) Oh House| d) Gateway 
- all four photos, I amateur-ly took.;p)

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