Saturday, March 30, 2013

pack and go

i love love places!
and prepping up for a vacation (let's pack and go!)

The Canvas. I had all the bedroom to myself this Holy Week break. My cousin and sister who I share bedroom with are comfortably and pleasurably vacationing in our hometown, Cagayan Valley and won't be back until after Easter Sunday. I chose to stay in Metro Manila for the long weekend to make time for my much needed muni-muni moment plus I felt too lazy to battle it out with the gazillion other commuters itching to get away from the city. And so on the eve of Easter Sunday (my nanay will kill me if she learns that I skipped the Black Saturday vigil), in advance celebration of the resurrection of the Savior and in celebration (again) of my freedom (from roommates!), I spread this pretty mat in the middle of our +20 sqm bedroom to lay out my gadgets+gizmos+must-bring's for my first official summer trip on the first weekend of April!!

The Suits. And because we live in the Philippines and summer is never really summer without the beach, I will be communing with the clique of Princess Ariel in enchanting Siquijor and Dumaguete!! *squeals in excitement* I am recycling swimsuits yet again (haha, scrimp, scrimp, scrimp) - except for a newly bought white and beige-striped top from Nothing But Water all these cradles of my sexiness (what the???) have been worn over and over again!!:) Except for the nasty belly bulge because of too much Pringles and rice intake, I have more or less maintained my desired level of sexiness. Haha! Tomorrow is gym day for a one-day beach prep - let us see if this last minute and futile attempt towards beating the bulge will work. As if! *sexy fingers crossed*

The Kit. I am super low maintenance and really, a sunblock and a toothbrush are all I need. I always bring and extra bag (from an ETC event last Christmas) which I load with beach stuff so I do not have to go back to our hotel room every so often. The organizer is a gift from Lyra two Christmases ago and it never left my traveling bag since then.

The Lit. I do not own any apple product except for Fuji apples which I consume right away (nyahaha) but what I do have is an old-fashioned journal from SBC where I will jot down my hopes and dreams in life while listening to the waves and gentle whispers of the wind (naks!). I have yet to decide on what book to bring - I always bring books when traveling and 99% of the time, I never get to progress after the first chapter. No other gadgets to bring but my trusty ol' G10 Canon camera and its charger of course. 

The Closet. There will be a lot of white's, flowers, colors, most especially pink! Let's make the outfits loud and happy. There are some can't-travel-without-them-clothing though: my red wide-legged Mango pants, a hand-me-down from Tita Sandra (it is so soft and so bohemian - would you believe I had it since college?) and a soft cotton-jean preggers pants from Calliope - nope, I am not pregnant (as if!), I call it my preggy-pants because it is garterized and expands whenever necessary. Most ideal outfit for a dinner buffet!!! :)

The Luggage. My pink+violet Adidas duffle bag is still with my sister and while I love the space, lugging it on my shoulders is a nightmare. This time, I am using my Nike backpack and I will move the mountains to make sure that all my five-day-vacation must bring's will fit in here. And I always bring extra bags for pasalubongs and then laundry.

What's inside my bag? All these and more. I want to fast track the days until Friday!!!!!! I am more or less 95% okay with my packing agenda - just a little bit more toiletries like shampoo, baby wipes, etc. and snacks - the eternal PRINGLES of the spotless belly - but these are minor items only. Next step, hold my breathe and wait for amazing things to happen in Siquijor and Dumaguete!! That and informing my boss (and convincing her to approve my VL) about my pending absence in the office (but presence in life - nyahaha!!)


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