Sunday, March 31, 2013


i love love mornings!
and daydreams about my future car, Molly. :) 

For our Easter breakfast Sundate (Sunday + date = Sundate!), Alan traveled all the way from the South and arrived in our QC apartment 7:00 am en punto. In case you do not know yet (plugging, plugging), we have teamed up for a blog site, Before Nine, which chronicles our love for morning (and everything else bundled with it, like, breakfast!) and almost every weekend (if budget and time permit), we make sure we have something to share in our happy site. For Easter Sunday, we chose a Filipino restaurant just walking distance from where I currently live. :)

On our way to the resto, we came across a blue Beetle, parked along the sidewalk. And then another Beetle, this time, yellow, parked several meters away. What the car lacks in utility, it definitely compensates with charm and character

We paused to have my picture taken, haha! 

I was seriously gunning for this look, the sleek (car) and the sexy (car and girl) - car show inspired:

via new top car
 but ended up looking like this:
the bayad-po-para-mama look

the wide-eyed-ang-liit-naman-nitong-sasakyan-na-'to look

 Moral Lesson: What I lack in utility, I definitely compensate with charm and character. Haha!

Hey, good morning! :)

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