Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Saturday

photo essay

Black Soup Cafe + Art Space
When Uan Met Sally

The crazy plan was to spend the entire Saturday from wholesome breakfast to wasted dinners. I think age is catching up on us that we only lasted until sunset in UP Sunken Garden with the view of the Bulwagan ng Dangal (the Main Library, of course). It was a happy, lovely, artsy, Saturday! The breakfast story is already featured in here (hello Cafe Quezon!!). The rest of the day story is continued here. :)

Black Soup Cafe + Art Space

blue door and mustard wall

 poster revolution

love 'em: wallpaper. lighting fixtures. teapots. dvd's.

Pigeon hole: reminds me of my UP Diliman days. College of Arts and Letter subjects. Blue books and papers submitted in pigeon holes.

Channeling Genius: Christmas gift in March + Crafty Crochet + eye glasses for the reader

While the girls and Paul were gossiping and in the heat of chit chat, I stepped outside to take pictures. There were lovely chairs in the backyard and I snapped and swooned and swooned and snapped.

These chairs were featured in the recent Manila FAME in SMX - I wanted to boast, "But I saw them first two Saturdays ago under the heat of the summer sun!!".

pasta overload

class pictures!!:)

When Uan Met Sally
think gypsy. think bohemian.
think me (haha).

hand-painted door

charmed ceiling.

abby's claim to being gorgeous. :)
if you think you're gorgeous, ring the bell.

the day's finale was the sunset at sunken garden.
never fails to tug the heart.
UP heart.

credits to Bernard Kaibigan for the photo. :)

thank you Universe!:)