Sunday, March 31, 2013

dogs and parks

i love love Quezon City!
hello trees and open spaces. :)

This afternoon, I saw an "open house" sign in a townhouse development in UP Village. It's close to where I currently live and it broke my heart to know that at this stage, I cannot afford it yet. *sigh* I have professed a million times my love for the city - and among the many things that I find so adorbs about the it, the presence of parks and wide open spaces and clear skyline are what top my QC love chart. Next to Cagayan Valley, Quezon City is my home.

A few hours before sunset, we took our little Angus to QC Circle to give him a barking break (he's throwing a fit because of the summer heat - rhyming words!). FYI, Angus is my sister's second child dog. Angus made his first ever blogging debut in Before Nine, check this out (*shameless*). haha!

Hello there beautiful skyline! The clouds can roam around freely without fear of bumping into an endless sea of skyscrapers.

These skater boys were so into, errr, skating! haha! They turned Quezon monument their playground, and I am pretty sure pareng Manuel, looking from above, doesn't mind. :) I was actually eyeing on an artsy shot of the bicycle and the rustic background - fail! :p

 Angus strutting his thang!!! Give it to me sexy boy!!

He kept on biting his collar - I think he hates it. We hated putting this on him too, it's his first time to ever be on a leash. (Reminder to buy him that which wraps the body instead of a collar, we felt guilty to put him through this.) But if we don't do this, he'll zip like a zipping train and tumble like a tumbling, uhm, whatever-it-is-that-tumbles - he took it from our side of the family, ADHD. Tsk.

It's his first time too to feel authentic grass - milestone!! Many joggers and park-goers mistook him for a mouse, seriously???

This is Dolores. She looks after Angus while my sister is away. :) 

Thanks to QC urban planners in the 1940s!

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