Sunday, March 24, 2013

Manila FAME

i love interiors - all things that beautify the home..
(here are some of the pictures we were allowed to take at the MANILA FAME this March 2013.)

Free passes from the real estate company somewhere over the rainbow. Giddy!! 

Dale Mathis Studio Inc.
One of the few exhibitors which allow taking of photos. "We'd love for people to know us - share us in instagram, facebook...", said the jolly manager.

from HWPilipinas

“Surrealism meets mechanicalism. A merging of old and new, industrial and civilized."
This is the world of Dale Mathis. It is a world where metal, glass, construction bolts and pistons are all simply artistic tools. Where working gears bring movement to masterpieces. Where machines are muses.”

Chairs!!! I needed to beg just to have their photos taken. :) Lovely Chairs.

From the colorful world of RONAC in Greenhills to Manila FAME - Secret Fresh. I saw them too in the Art Fair Philippines last month. Sometimes, I want to cut open the brains of these artists and see what are going on in their super genius brains to create the unthinkable. :)

Vito Selma, Cobonpue, Ito Kish, Casa Ligna, Betis Craft - these big guns were the main crowd drawers in the exhibit. I wanted to take pictures just to make sure that I have a keepsake of the beauty and talent and craft I have been a witness to that particular Saturday afternoon but there was a strict no sketching and no taking of photos policy. The event inspires to create. And to support Pinoy craft and artistry. I am a fan. :)

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