Sunday, March 17, 2013


My two favorite magic words now: STUDIO and SHOWROOM
I would love to have one someday. 
I WILL have one someday.

I am not in the creative industry nor have been gifted with the gift of artistry, but I appreciate all the wonderful things that a man's talent and genius are able to produce. I have already written somewhere in this blog that I am in awe of artists, because next to GOD (Bless us Lord), they are beings with the ability to create. My spa and stress-buster these days is visiting showrooms and home depots - I bask in beauty of designs and colors and patters and materials. I do not take down notes (I should start doing so soon to know and remember more!!), what I do is just look, stare and admire. Touch a little. Caress a little. Feel a little. Take pictures. Or if pictures are not allowed, I hold on to the image like how we do with our childhood memories - always looking back and reminiscing with fondness.

Last Saturday, after a breakfast date with Mei (read all about it in my breakfast & morning blog here), we dropped by Dimensione showroom in BGC. Pure heaven!! I was told by one of the shop managers that the showroom actually showcases three brands: Dimensione (main brand), MDF and then Cappellini. I fell in love, felt inspired and impatient to have my own place to spruce up and lovingly design. 

Also, I am loving CHAIRS right now. I want to become a CHAIRWOMAN someday soon or in the nearest future possible. Haha! :) 

I realized I took pictures of mostly chairs in Dimensione. Chairs, after doors, are my obsession. My idea for my future home is to have a simple long rectangular table which will require at the minimum six to eight chairs - what will highlight and truly make it beautiful is mismatched chairs in different forms, patterns and colors!

Classic White and Simple Lines 

Lovely blue and burst of colors and crazy patterns.

I will always associate Cappellini with this chair - I have read about the showroom in Elle Decor magazine and this whimsical chair stuck in my image bank.

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