Monday, September 3, 2012


September 1, 2012

It was 30 minutes to midnight but I am not on my bed but rather in a cheap neighborhood spa with icky rubber slippers, sticky bath robe, hot and cold shower which water is either the hottest or the coldest (may konsepto ng lukewarm, ano ba??). I was guided in what seemed like a secret room where any judgmental mind will define as "where short time happens", and dear, I was in the "for male only section" of that friendly neighborhood spa which in their desperate attempt to cut back expenses, there was no security guard on sight. Oh boy!! I am semi-naked (eeepppp!!! protect the hotness!) and no security??? This is preposterous!!  Caramba!!! Charott!!! C-uh-razzyyy!!

I was in the male section for a reason: my brother, Paul, Ate Ay and I availed of a "family room" for our spa treatment and this was the only room available. I was in an icky-sticky but friendly neighborhood spa 30 minutes to midnight on the first day of the first -BER month of 2012 for a reason: a) i'm cheap, and an icky-sticky spa is all i can afford; b) i had a crazy day, lost my phone, agreed to meet whoever is in captive of my phone but the phone-terrorist never showed up, stood me up and made me lose my hope that there is good in every person!! Hay! Okay, that's a little exaggerated, I still believe in the goodness of every creation of the's just that... hay (again)!!!

Buti na lang, magaling si ate therapist from the icky-sticky friendly neighborhood spa thus my renewed hope that everything will fall into the right place at their most-est perfect-est time. Before I get all Oprah and Mahatma Gandhi on my profound experience of loss (my phone remember? haha!), here are the things I look forward to in September.

Hanep sa segue!!=)

The Manila Book Fair

via suelas

Plays Galore!!
will watch Bona of  PETA for sure and Ped Xing of UP Repertory Company


Belly Fest 2012

via peak performance

The chance to chant,"matatapang, matatalino, walang takot, kahit kanino...."
UAAP Cheerdance Competition
can't find a poster, so seat plan nalang!!=)

via uaap facebook page

Have a lovely, hopeful and sige na nga, icky-sticky September, Universe!!

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