Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dear Diary Post #2

A Beautiful Sunday Morning!

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We start our Sunday morning with a pretty, no,beautiful picture by Something Splendid because it is a beautiful and Splendid Sunday morning. I woke up early (early as per my standard,meaning  8 am). Ate Bel has not cooked anything for breakfast yet. Weekends are her sort of license to wake up later than her usual weekday morning routine when everybody is in a hurry to go to work or in Tanya and Theo's case, to school. Weekends are take-your-time-days. Weekends are break-free-from-stress days. I love weekends.My usual Monday motivation is the thought that 5 more mornings mean the weekend again! 

I love mornings.

Like what I said, I woke up early, brushed my teeth, packed a borrowed laptop in my trusty and roomy erb and chet bag, hailed a taxi to Eton Centris.This is my go-to-place on a Sunday morning. I went directly to the Sidcor Market. I like better how it was once. Zoned and nearer the "commercial complexes". Now, they are moved towards the parking lot to give way for the construction of, surprise, surprise, a condominium. By the end of 2016, most of Metro Manila will be towered by these high-rise developments and there is no stopping until the last available raw land is dug and constructed on and then the taipans will move towards the ocean, reclaim and fulfill their visions of complexes and communities.

I can't find the stall where I usually buy churros and potato chips, passed by the stall which sells Chinese Lumpia; I loved it the first time I tasted it months ago, but my sexy belly can only take in so much at this time of day so I settled for a mini waffle dog. I bought my Sunday broadsheets (inquirer and philippine star) and made my way to Coffee Bean.

The (Catholic) mass is ongoing, I felt guilty to not attend, so I did.I woke up this morning with my mother's usual Sunday text message: magsimba kayo. She'd be happy to know this. How long has it been since the last time I heard mass? New Year's Eve? Holy week? I forgot already. I stopped praying when on several occasions, my specific prayers were specifically answered with a firm "no" from God. I stopped praying because I felt scared that I will get a "no" again. But it felt good afterwards: to finally hear mass and be an obedient daughter. There's a part in the Eucharistic celebration wherein the priest leads everybody to remember and pray for our deceased loved ones: i prayed for my Lolo Angel, Lolo Iloy, Tita Agol and Secretary Robredo.

I think whoever has programmed "blogger" is Catholic - the program identifies that the word eucharist be capitalized - Eucharist. Or there might be some universal rule on grammar about this that I missed.

I bought a breakfast meal in Coffee Bean, it is really expensive and I could have pleased myself more in Jollibee or in McDonald's. But what I am after is the ambiance. I told ate barista a lie. She asked if I am a MBA student from UP because I was logging notebooks and a laptop and the others who are in the same cafe are also MBA students reviewing for their final exams. I said yes.

The sausage tasted funny, the coffee, bitter. But I had my spot where I can see the sunlight, people coming out of the market with paper and re-usable bags, they banned the use of plastic here in Quezon City - about time, Bistek! I read my newspapers starting with Celine Lopez's column in the Philippine Star.She wrote about mornings and how everything one does is much better with the sunshine. I can not agree more. I had a little trouble connecting to the wi-fi as I have mistaken number 2 for z in typing the password, but all is well now, obviously. There are two grandpa's with me inside the coffee shop - so if spending the morning reading newspapers and drinking coffee is a "lolo" thing then that makes me a "lola" - I really do not mind. I love this morning ritual.

My mother's number registered on my phone and I answered. She's so concerned about the company phone I lost I told her not to worry. We exchanged stories about my siblings, the little ones getting an award. It is so refreshing to hear my mother's voice, telling happy stories. Our family has been through a lot and I have been fighting it off by avoiding and not thinking about these issues which are wrenching my heart. My mother is a thousand times stronger than me. She is gracefully handling everything well, or at least trying to. I told her to text my brother Paul who at this time is taking his exit exam to qualify for his next term in Mapua. She said she'd call him next.

I love you nanay.

So I read. Write. Take down notes. Search the web. Think. Observe. I opened my notebook of to do's and was reminded to drop by the grocery later for my Town and Country magazine and to buy shampoo.

Coffee Bean is getting noisier and the sunlight is becoming unforgiving, it's nearly lunch time and the boys who set up the chairs and tables for the Sunday mass are already packing up. This is my cue.

Thank you Universe for my swabe morning - let's have more of this, pinky promise.=)
Good Morning!

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