Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blogs I Read

You know how most writers start their composition with a description of their surroundings, of how they are feeling at that very moment they are writing their Palanca-worthy piece: "i sit still on my hammock, listening to the gentle rocking of the waves, welcoming of the sunlight's sweet caress. The heavens are radiant in blue and the wind sings to me a sweet lullaby- i close my eyes and allow this peace simmer in my once-troubled heart, at this very moment,i feel okay, i am okay. Tapos after three hours, kakain ako ng lechoonnnn!!! Slurp! Yum! Saraapp!!" That really does not work, does it? Haha! Wala lang. As I write this, I am at the verge of swatting a pesky mosquito, the tricycles are not really gentle when they roar, the rain just stopped so I stepped out of the Dunkin' Donuts Cafe and parked myself in one of their tables outside. The cafe is small and cramped and I can hear the old lady just across me talk about a two-million peso deal she closed with some real estate agent - a steal, she says. Okay, madam, rub it in my face that I am centuries far from your millions, so instead of feeling lousy about her in-your-face fortune, I stepped out. So here I am typing with the tricycles on my background, delivery men on my foreground and this pesky and insistent mosquito who I am developing at this moment a really intimate affair with.

So let me be the cool and pretentious feeling-legit blogger on a cafe, concentrating and inviting inspiration to come my way so I can come up with an entry that will rock the world. Haha!

Several months ago, I found an online application which is said to curate all the sites and web pages one visits regularly. It's like book marking in the old and traditional browser only cooler. The word "curates" makes it cooler. It is called Flipboard, so I hastily opened it and with heart pounding, I know the days of my disorganized go-to-blogs-and-web-pages are over, I am finally curating them - I am Tina the curator! But I must have missed the part that it is actually an application for iPad (and other forms of tablet) and I am working on a traditional typewriter,err, laptop pala, a borrowed one at that pa. But fortunately, I have the heart of a persistent and hardworking soldier, so with flipboard or not, I am, aherm, curating my go-to-blogs in this entry. I will try to constantly update this as I find more interesting sites and blogs to read... other than my own (pagbigyan!! haha):

One:  Daphne.ph

Daphne Osena-Paez is my life peg; doing something that she loves to do and in the process, excelling at it. I think it is everybody's birthright to define his role and place in this Universe. Click here to read my favorite entry of hers. Plus, she's into home design and interiors - I am a  super fan!

Two: A cluster of young empowered girls - because there's nothing more inspiring than reading and in the process getting to know people of your generation making their mark in their respective fields and in the entire milky way galaxy!!=) Ang galing kong magsulat ng description noh? haha! Plus, they're witty, pretty and guiltlessly celebrates life.


Three: brideandbreakfast.ph

I am "indexing" it for my future wedding reference. The site makes me want to get married even if I do not want yet to get married. Weddings are lovely and dreamy events and the site captures them oh-so beautifully.

Four: Pretty things. Sometimes, words are irrelevant and a picture is just all you need.


Five: Self-help-y. Contrary to item #4, words are powerful. Extremely so.


Six: Cat Juan

Most of her entries warm up my heart. Click here for my favorite. She leads such a beautiful, interesting yet seemingly simple life.

Seven: Blogs of friends

Dear friends, I encourage you to blog because of purely selfish reasons: I like reading what your thoughts are, how you are, what you have been doing - it will be our secret chismis circle (haha!).

Lyra- darkershadegreen.wordpress.com
Di - diantheexplorer.blogspot.com
Mei - meillifluous.blogspot.com

Also, I am in the lookout for "academic" blogs (pretentious, haha!) where I can get trivia and hamsoowsmart quips I can boast in dinners and reunions with friends (i have an inner yabang- haha!) and blogs on money and investment (because I am a future millionaire) and more inspiring blogs, personal blogs not written to promote some product, but those blogs written to capture your anything-under-the-sun moments, because truly, each of the story we create is worth sharing and beautiful.

What blogs do you read? I wish to know.

Happy reading and writing universe!

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