Sunday, September 2, 2012


1) Museums. National Museum and Museo Pambata.
2) LRI in Reposo, Makati
3) The Mind Museum
4) Manila Ocean Park
5) Intramuros
6) Cubao X
7) Sunday Markets and Night Markets (Salcedo, Sidcor, Mercato, Mezza Norte)
8) Ronac Art Center

I may have declared sometime ago that I am Mani-llergic but such affliction is more of work-related stress and congestion and pollution and dirty old buildings (haha, parang dirty old man lang) and the absence/lack of urban planning in Metro Manila but the city has its saving grace. There are a lot of interesting establishments and institutions to visit, and I am not talking about malls which the city has a looottt of. I am Mall-ergic, definitely Mall-ergic!! I hope we have more open parks and spaces, safe ones at that - pag ako naging presidente ng Pilipinas, this will be my number one agenda. Pag ako naging first lady, this will still be my number one agenda. I'll be the the next Imelda Marcos -only non-corrupt, simpler, non-epal (sorry for the term but the Robredo effect is still rippling through my inspired Filipina veins...) and syempre, sizzling hot!!!

On the last long weekend of August, I finally got to visit the Ronac Art Center in Greenhills.The place did not disappoint. There were plenty of space where artist and visionaries can play around with. I did not know that there was an on-going bazaar sponsored by ETC on the day of our visit -- promise!! It's a wonderful bonus and surprise. haha!=)

Pictures! They tell better stories than I do. =)


the tenants

their iconic staircase

every artist's happy place: Secret Fresh.
Premium Mattress Gallery: My heaven! This super deserves a
different post!

coffee bean: i read from somewhere that this is only coffee bean branch
in the world that was allowed to not use the brand logo to adapt and fit
in to the requirements of the structure

and then here are pictures from the ETC fashion flea market (I wonder why it's called flea market, wala namang fleas- corny, haha!)

with di and alan
tents and tents of fab finds!
1) save the date! feb 7-10, 2013 for art fair Philippines
2) classy erb and chet business card
1) I found my perfect roomy bag!! gia bag from erb and chet
2) checkered b&w: how it looks inside, with my pretty note books!

Happy Sunday Universe!

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