Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dear Diary Post

Just Narrations.

Today, Isabel and I watched PedXing by the the UP Repertory Company in Aldaba Recital Hall in UP Diliman. Isabel, my sister, is one-term away from becoming a pre-school education teacher. One of her professors advised their class to watch at least one play every month to tap in their creative geniuses and artistic flairs needed to win the attention of little boys and girls. I am and forever will be a willing companion. We're planning to watch BONA by PETA starring Eugene Domingo before the month ends. I wish to post pictures from my low-tech camera here but it is so low-tech I can not find a way to transfer them in this equally Jurassic laptop.

Today, I wish to post more entries about my happy lists. I will do so once I find a decent spot with a decent wi-fi where I can write a decent entry on a decent and no longer borrowed  laptop.

Today, I feel the desire to have a pen pal. A pen pal. Remember the 90s when Zuckerberg is in his puberty stage still and the only way to communicate is through land line and the trusty post man.I would love to have a pen pal. I know having one may not seem practical because almost all information are readily available in just one click and who has the time to wait? But a message written on a paper with gentle strokes of one's handwriting has a more personal and sentimental appeal. And I would love to have a personal and sentimental experience. Where do I find one?

Today, I think about tomorrow. The literal tomorrow -Sunday and how I will spend it. Wake up early. go to Eton Centris Sunday Market. Buy something to eat and park my gorgeous butt in Coffee Bean. Buy newspaper so I have something to read. Buy Town and Country -Daphne Osena-Paez is in the cover! Take down notes. Breathe. And just enjoy the morning. Then I think about the long-term tomorrow. Fret a little, be anxious a little - but I am really working hard on emptying my mind with worry and just letting things flow. I hope to be gentler with myself.

Today, I am grateful.

Good Night Universe and please direct us to our "right place and right time" spot.


  1. Natawa ako sa post mo. Kasi one hour ago before ako magonline, nagiisip ako na magkaron ng pen pal.. :) tapos iniisp ko na pag nagkaron ako ng sariling house, lalagyan ko ng mailbox.. :) hahaha!

    Kasi I am watching Letters to God. Dun narevive yung excitement ko pag nakakatanggap ng mailed letters. Hahaha! Cool! Bro fist! Panoorin mo yun bilis!

  2. Okay,I will - uhm, do you have an efile of the movie? haha!=)
    Ang saya yata magka penpal! Saan tayo maghahanap??=)
    And yes, my future home will have its own mail box din, color red or i'll commission you to design, haha!=)

  3. I have an efile lazy! Hmmm, write your friends. I'm sure masusurprise sila. It's super thoughtful. Write me! Yung serious goddamnit! :D

    When you own a home, I'll frame some of my artworks and hang it on your wall ha? By that time, it'll be around some million peso artifact. But I'll give it to you as a house warming gift.. Hahaha!