Saturday, September 15, 2012


From Pepe Diokno’s article in The Philippine Star’s Supreme: we are the most image conscious, self-important batch of kids ever to walk the planet. Despite worldwide turmoil, we spend hours updating our Facebook profiles; hours putting our opinions and feelings into a blog – as if others care.

So I’ll write about how my day went in the pretense that somebody cares about knowing what has been up with me today.

My day started late. It’s a Saturday, anyway, and my only chance of respite from the daily grind is usually Saturdays. I was on a self-proclaimed house arrest because the rain has successfully conjured my laziness and the nearly negative cash flow until the next payday is an effective downer.

Hotdogs. I started the day with hotdogs. And then some gossip from an aunt who is in the city to keep her daughter company while taking the ACET (Ateneo entrance exams). I dislike gossips. Out of courtesy to the elderly however, I listened, feigned interest, shared some inputs then excused myself.

These days, my comfort zone is being with myself. I went up to my room, closed the door then finished reading Pugad Baboy 24 which I bought last night from the Manila Book Fair then read Smart Parenting. I am enjoying mommy magazines, nowadays, and mommy blogs too (try and, not because I am preparing to become a mom (definitely at the bottom of my long list of plans) but the articles are interesting and practical. They make family life seem so easy, colorful, interesting and fulfilling. Maybe it is so. I like reading about supermoms, with impressive careers, perfectly blow-dried hair and still very hands on with their tots and hubbies. I am single, doubtful if there is anything impressive about my career, certain that my hair is in forever mess, and far from being hands on even with my personal affairs. This is not ranting, I am rather amused writing this realization.

My only physical activity today is braving the rain to buy birthday cake for my cousin Haggy. I love birthdays, they give us a reason to celebrate. We are just celebrating it at home with palabok, chocolate and leche flan cake from Red Ribbon, crispy pata and kinubang bibe from our thoughtful relatives in Cagayan Valley and the ubiquitous Coke from our friendly neighbors.

Just pictures to sprinkle some color in this blog entry.

Improvised Birthday Banner. With a recycled yellow balloon.

The Happy Birthday Handa from all over the world.
Tito Haggy, the birthday celebrant ,with the kiddos.
Theo’s light bulb moment.
Picture with the birthday celebrant.
Picture with me, my healthy legs and our teeny-weeny apartment TV.
This picture was taken two years ago. Same wall, same legs, 
same teeny-weeny apartment TV, different birthday celebrant.  

So that’s how my day went.
Written down and shared – as if anyone cares.

Continuation of Pepe Diokno’s article: But the ‘me-ness’ of today’s generation is at least evidence of a movement towards discovery. While past generations have looked outward- towards the seas, the moon, the space – in order to find meaning, this generation is looking inward for a change. Maybe the answers are inside us.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Happy Saturday!

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