Friday, June 21, 2013

independence day

i love love Fully Booked!

Fully Booked for me is like Mango Store with 50% sale (or more) to a shopaholic. Or like a 2-hour full body massage in The Spa to a stressed out executive. Or Toy Kingdom to a toddler. Or Divisoria to my kuripot tita. :)

Last Independence Day, out of sheer curiosity, Alan and I headed to the Fully Booked of all Fully Booked's in BGC to attend a creativity workshop sponsored by the British Council. We were at the venue early (because I do not like getting late - except in the office, haha!) so we had free time to look around. Oh! Oh! Books everywhere. Many times, I feel tempted to give in to the lure of Kindle and the convenience it promises but for a conservative, old soul, lola like me, the printed page does not have a replacement. 

Book Canvass by Mike Stilkey

I brought home Wild by Cheryl Strayed because anything about travel, getting lost and then finding oneself is my kind of literature - haha! If I had extra cash I would have bought David Sedaris' latest collection of essays. Last year was my David Sedaris episode - I read his books in several consecutive weeks with no authors in between to the point of satiation. I like prose and essays and real life chronicles.

We're in mid-June of 2013.
The start of rainy days in the tropics.

The rain makes a good book company.

Happy Reading!! :)


  1. Cheryl Strayed also has an excellent and inspiring advice column at The Rumpus (google it) called Dear Sugar. Check it out Tina she's amazing :)

    - Bes

  2. Thank you for this info bes! :) Will definitely check it out!:)