Saturday, June 22, 2013

date with an eight

i love love being a tita!

My blog's number one fan is my niece. She asked me, "tita are you famous already because of your blog? Write about our date in your blog so we'll be famous." I did not have the heart to tell her that she may be one among the five regular readers of this page (the four others are a friend, an aunt, a boyfriend and a sister - haha!). So that makes the perfect circle of 5. And this is my first ever commissioned and imposed post courtesy of an eight-year-old little girl. :)

I promised my niece a date once upon a time but somehow, my weekends got filled up with non-niece affairs thus the promise was kept hanging until I can no longer stand the waiting and longing stares from her every time I go home from the office or somewhere else. So one rainy Saturday, we finally had our date.

How exactly do you entertain an eight-year-old without bringing her to the mall? Haha, yes, I still dislike malls.

one: Make her feel like a lady. 

And what do ladies do? They obsess with their feet. Haha! We headed to Nail It Spa in Eton Centris for a little pampering for our tootsies. School shoes are as stressful as high-heeled office shoes, you know. Haha! :)

 two: Feed her!

You can never go wrong with a snack shack with bright green walls, washed out dining tables and serves lychee slurpee! After our footsie-roll date, we headed to Soya Bar for light snacks and gossiped until the rain stopped. :)


  Happy weekend little ones!!

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  1. Hey, I like ze bag! :)
    I miss you! Dami ko na kwento sayo! :D