Friday, June 21, 2013

chasing the tail end of summer

i love love the beach!
magalawa island
palauig, zambales

Though June is a welcome relief from the punishing summer heat, it also means the end of summer for the year. On Thursday, it rained hard - so hard the EDSA was cursed at every Facebook and Twitter status update, with the traffic and the horrendous flooding. On Friday, the sky was still dark, the usually calm view of the ocean on the 15th floor of our office was bringing in clusters of waves, heavy and angry and dark. On Saturday morning, I woke up early, went outside the house and checked the clouds - the sky was still gloomy, the sun still shy or resting from its summer performance. I prayed for sunshine. It drizzled on our ride to the dock. Still, I prayed for sunshine.

And so sunshine happened. 
Because prayers work that way.

Magalawa island is a dream. It's untouched by frills, pressuring standards of the urban life, noise of ambition. It is all earth - water, sand and leaves. And juicy shrimps. And sumptuous crabs. Dipped in calamansi mixed with salt and chili. :)


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