Sunday, June 23, 2013

grandmomma's kitchen

i love love lola-ness
lola-ness (noun): the art of being a lola

I do not like it when things get noisy and rowdy. I prefer a cup of coffee over Bacardi. I spend my Friday nights mostly in a coffee shop, reading or writing or doing both. My weekends when not spent out of town are sacredly protected from the malls - my security come in the form of my bed with a book which seduces me to never go out of the house or lovely breakfast dates. Yes, I have no problem waking up early on weekends. My friends and colleagues and sometimes even my boss call me a lola. And I like it that way. Grandmothers are comforting and warm and true. They are the glue that keep the family together.

One Sunday afternoon, I was overwhelmed with personal drama that I needed to step out of the house and take comfort elsewhere. My feet (and Alan's too) were led to Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato and shred a late in the afternoon lunch in Grandmomma's kitchen. I love its cottage-y vibe, it is like Mom and Tina's only if both were farm houses, Grandmomma's kitchen has more chickens and cows and hays. :) No, this is not a food post (I do not think I can ever write one and I always say I go to restaurants only for the experience) but a mere appreciation of the comforts that a true and warm establishment brings. :)

 Pictures (from top to bottom):

1-3: the homey interiors
4: pillow case
5: pates and pastes
6: table tops
7: wall clock
8: crab fat pasta with quarter chicken
9: pan seared salmon with vegetables and mashed potato
10: spicy pumpkin soup

Grandmomma's Kitchen
G/F IL Terrazzo
Tomas Morato Ave cor Sct Madrinan  
South Triangle, Quezon City

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