Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy List #5

Happy Monday Universe!

PAYLESS. I cannot think about the shoe brand without associating it with noodles, Maggi's arch rival and Lucky Me's nasty competition - I grew up in my Lola Lucing's tindahan and I thought of it as funny, a shoe brand after a noodle? Haha! I visited the store last Saturday and was tempted to spend the last paper money in my wallet before suweldo time on a pretty pair of shoes designed by Christian Siriano, my favorite Project Runway winner, for Payless . I held back because the belly is more important than my feet - wait 'til next week for my comeback!!

VIP PASS. My first VIP pass!! Not really my thing, FHM's 100 sexiest? I was playing bubble pop in most parts of the show, but I must admit, Aubrey Miles is really hot!!

ADIDAS WALL. I bought for myself a girly Adidas travelling bag. I am planning for my next adventure, can't wait. I like sports stores - they give a we-can-do-it vibe, just believe.=)

DRAWER HANDLES. I found my way again in a store for homey stuff, I know, I know,this is getting repetitive - but can you blame me? It's my new found love - dreaming of my pink and grey house is my alarm clock every morning. Now I understand why mothers and tita's linger in the home section of department stores, it's therapeutic. Getting into the nitty-gritty of home building and designing is SACRED. God is in the details, they say. So now I have chopping boards,doilies, and pretty drawer handles - - I'm getting there!!! =)

watermelon images from google

WATERMELON. I am a watermelon shake fan, a watermelon shake enthusiast and a watermelon shake loyal. Believe it or not, I peddled watermelon when I was around six years old, sold this christmas-y (green and red kasi!) fruit house to house and earned Php 20/day. I did it with four other assistants, syempre, haha, I'm the master peddler and I had my watermelon minions. My kiddie friends and I did it for fun and my uncle thought then we make good marketers because our neighbors were forced to buy from us, we're irresistibly cute. Cuteness is their weakness- so we took advantage. I felt kilig when I read these lines from Mark Twain: When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat. Watermelon addiction, justified.

To a longer happy list!=)

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