Saturday, July 7, 2012

Design Inspiration #4

Having options is good. Having too many of them is, however, one thing I can not handle.

For example, I went to Greenhills Mall several Saturdays ago and I froze in the middle of the narrow and shopper-filled aisle. I did not know where to start, where to go and what to look for first and I ended up going home empty handed. (akala mo profound experience, tungkol sa Greenhills lang pala, haha!) Another example, for my friends who never tire of my dream home stories and understand my craziness about it, they will not be surprised that I spent one Saturday afternoon in MC Home Depot. I am such a poser-home-owner-wannabe.(poser na nga, wannabe pa!!) I was all snobbish and feeling-rich-and-know-it-all-interior-designer scouring through shower heads, drawer handles, water closets, tiles and faucets. This shower head? Too small for my 120 sqm bathroom. This bathtub? Too simple for my taste. This faucet? Too Jurassic era, wala bang yung sensor type so I wouldn't anymore touch the handles? This handle? Looks generic, wala ba yung encrusted with diamonds? This tile? Too cheap per piece, puwede mo bang mas mahalan pa?? haha! I envy Shamcey Supsup, their endorser, because I think she had a grand time choosing home stuff here and next to Fully Booked and Forever 21, Home Depots are my go-to-places whenever my weary heart needs caressing. Woohoo!! But again, there are one too many options to choose from. A tile is not just a tile - ceramic or homogenous? 60x60 or 30x30? And the color and the design and the texture??? Buti pa sa isang multiple choice exams, options go up to a maximum of 5 only so eenie-meenie-miney-moe will work wonders but in real life, no!!! Oh ceramic tiles, why do you make my life so complicated??

BUT if there is one thing that calms me, it is the fact that I know what color-inspiration my interiors will zero in on. Pink and Grey. Subdued girliness. A happy mixture of "sad and happy". Romantic and calming. Not overpowering. Chill lang. Nothing spectacular but still dreamy. (Sorry dear friends, for this post and many more posts to come, you will forever see my favorite adjective in the world - dreamy. =p)

So I woke up this Sunday morning, with heart palpitating on the inspiration of pink and grey and calmed my thoughts with these designs and dreamy (oh yeah!) pegs.

images from Vicky Horton and Etsy 

Dear Universe,
You know the desires of my heart.
I will keep on dreaming until all of my dreams come true.

Have a happy and blessed Sunday Universe!=)


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  2. Tina, I'd like to use an edited version of how you describe pink and grey as a tagline for a collection I'm building on. Okay lang?

    Love your blog! Can't say it enough times even though I know I'm becoming redundant. :)

  3. Thanks Bes!!!=) You have my permission to use anything you can find here. =)

  4. Yay! Thanks! I'll post a link after we meet on Friday so I won't spoil the semi-surprise (semi kasi I think you can guess na)